Why it is beneficial to practice yoga

For the vast majority of people, and here we are talking about those who have never come into contact with this wonderful teaching, yoga is synonymous with complicated body postures, exotic scents of India or ascetics who meditate in caves.

To define yoga, which is such a broad concept, we must approach it with respect, because this practice incorporates in it an ancient knowledge of thousands of years.

Yoga is not a religion nor a gymnastics of the body, it is a holistic science that can change our lives for the better on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. But any transformation takes place over time, and requires dedication, interest and involvement on our part. It is not enough just to attend the yoga course, although there we will receive very valuable information, but, apart from the practices learned in the course, consistency and discipline are essential attitudes to really benefit from all that yoga can offer us.

As we learn more asanas, that is, specific yogic postures, breathing control methods, namely pranayama, and various meditation techniques, we will arm ourselves with a series of tools that we can use in everyday life, the goal being ultimately to include yoga in our daily routine.

The benefits of these practices will not cease to appear. They are wonderful and can be felt from the very first hours of class.

First of all we will be able to observe an increase in energy levels, increased power of concentration, the ability to rest better, a calmer and more balanced mind, deep relaxation, increased immunity, regulation of health problems and a generalized state of well-being.

Besides the aspects listed above, we will feel a significant reduction in stress, an increase in the level of oxygenation of the brain, which will automatically lead to a better mental focus, increased joint flexibility, improved muscle tone and body posture.

The effects will also be seen in the emotional area, because you willbe better able to control our emotional reactions, we will be more optimistic, more full of life and we will become less receptive to the negative states of those around us.

Last but not least, we must mention that we will feel more connected to our inner source, to our true Spiritual Self that in yoga is called ATMAN, or the individual Supreme Self. By making this connection, our lives will transform profoundly, because we will be more aware of who we really are and we will be able to redefine our scale of spiritual values by putting God first.

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