The healing power of water

The brain has 90%waterin its composition, whichsomehow îexplains its ability to transmit messages to all organs at breathtaking speeds. Also, neurotransmitters – responsible for transmitting these messages – also contain 90 percent of thewater. It isunderstandable why, when we do not drink water, we no longer feel the feeling of thirst with time. Dehydrated neurotransmitters no longer correctly transmit the “I’m thirsty” message, so that the thirst begins todevour the body, thepains (also signals of dehydration) and the pathology of many organs begin. Our body cells don’t toucheach other,because they’rein water, just like our nerves.

When apA from the body is dirtythe most, what is Is it happening? Communicating cellsthe most through a bio-laser system. Exista

type of


inside the cell and other water outside it. Exchange Qbetween them purifythe most cell and help herthe most Sthe most Work Correctly. Dacthe most we do not drink water regularly, the cells become intoxicatedthe most. When membrane of a cell is not well Hydrated Body Triggers an emergency mechanismthe first, as a formthe most of Defense and hydration. The body protects itselfthe most dehydration with cholesterol. Membrane get dressedthe most Qin a filmthe most protective, like a cream, which preventsthe most Drying. What is this Film? Surprise. It’s cholesterol. Our body protects itselfthe most dehydration with cholesterol. Studies have shown that in 90 per cent of cases, cholesterol drops within 21 days of but water correctlyWhat Qnitamthe most that in 90% of cases cholesterol is increased due to Dehydration. Studies Made cancer cells showed thatthe most they no longer communicatethe most Qbetween them.

Dehydrated cells are foundthe most Qin a kind of spherethe most Qdarkthe mostAfterthe most which become mutated and lead to cancer. Salt is very Importantthe most for the body, becausethe most it performsthe most cellular exchange; ApA goes to the cellthe most and outside it with the help of Salt. This means that drinking water and having natural salts in the body is vital for Health Cell. To hydrate, Blood draws water from vital organs.

What’s Qntamplthe most in the digestive system ifthe most we do not drink water before meals (a Cup with a Half by the hour Qbefore table)? You don’t have tothe most we drink water during the meal. Our body needs Blood to perform the digestive process, and Blood is composed 80 percentthe most out of the water. Blood you have tothe most absorbthe most all kinds of vital components for Health To. To perform the correct digestion process, Blood you have tothe most be properly hydrated Qbefore the tablethe most. Otherwise Blood thickenschool and therefore, to hydrate draws water from vital organs. We note, SoCthe most in our body every cellthe most, each componentthe most “fight” to Maintain Life own, which makes it as a last resortthe most instanthe firstSthe most Leadthe most To Life Qbody. Blood don’t do Exception from this principle, So QCnât – here it isthe most – we see why it is So important sthe most drink water with half an hourthe most Qbefore Table. Blood will no longer extract water from the vital organs to achieve the digestion process, and the body will Remains Healthy.

Research made plowthe most Cthe most 90% of stomach pains are caused by dehydration. People who have movements cumbersome or those “with Face Qmpietritthe most“have a badthe most Operation of nerves, causedthe most lack of water in the body. At the cartilage level, the water component is 90%. When cartilage is dehydrated, Qncepe sthe most snapthe most. Bones need water in the sameyour measure and many of the bone pains as well as the sliding syndrome of the lumbar disc are caused by dehydration. What’s Going When Take a painkiller or When we have a and theOc? Take calming with water and we arethe most water when we are in a state of and theOc. In fact, when you take a painkiller, which calmspain

is water


Not the painkiller. 90 percentFrom the

pains in our body are signals by which the body says,

“Please, I need water!”

. Studies showthe most Cthe most arterial tensionthe most large, problems related to vessels Blood Are caused by the lack of water in the body.

The human body is built from water in

the proportion

of more than 70% overall, but many of our organs, such as the brain, have a component called “water” in proportion of 90 percent


. When we don’t drink enoughthe most water, neurotransmitters (90 percent water compounds) can no longer correctly transmit the message “I’m thirsty”. The organs of our body dehydrates, localized pain occurs in different organs, Take medicines and not and theTim that the first the treatment we need is really… Water. “Most diseases are caused by dehydration”, concluded the studies carried out by the By a German doctor, who also wrote the book “Not Are Sick the price of thei’m just thirsty“.

So what should wethe most Do:
1) Drink Qbetween 2 and 3 liters of flat waterthe most Daily.
2) Drink o canthe most with water with a Half of goldthe most Qbefore the tablethe most.
3) No Drink water during the meal and do not Drink water immediately after the mealthe mostBut Drink in total at least two litres of purified waterthe most Daily.


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