The star who defies the passage of time!

American actress Heather Graham seems to have discovered the secret of youth without old age. How is it that at the age of 43 she looks like a teenage girl even unmasked? The answer is simple: practice yoga regularly!

She was recently photographed in Santa Monica, a Neighborhood of Los Angeles, while leaving yoga classes. Although she was undisturbed and completely unmasked, Heather looked sensational.


According to sources, colleagues from yoga classes say to Heather that she is as beautiful in real life as in the movies. “She’s very, very nice as a person,” says one of the students,… even completely assudata! ”

In a recent interview Heather Graham states that she loves to practice yoga because it makes her feel and look good, and it also helps her relax…”I’ve been practicing yoga for 11 years, five times a week, and I meditate regularly”. This is the sect of this enviable look: a continuous passion for yoga!

HeaterTherefore, ladies who want to look good and keep in shape are invited to practice as much yoga as possible, and the results will not be expected!

source: internet

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