The story of the blue butterfly


The story goes that once lived a widowed man…

He lived with his two daughters, who were by nature extremely curious and intelligent.

The girls were always asking him a lot of questions… some knew how to answer them, others did not …

As the father wanted with all his heart to offer them the best education, one day he sent his daughters to spend a while in the house of a wise man.

He always knew how to answer the questions they were asking.

One day, one of them, found a blue butterfly and thought about how to use it to fool the wise man.

“What do you want to do with him,” her sister asked her???

– I’ll hide the butterfly in the palm of my hand and ask the wise man if the butterfly is alive or dead.

If he says he’s dead, I’ll open my fist and let him fly. If he says he’s alive, I’ll squeeze him until I crush him in my fist… And so whatever answer he’s going to give me, he’s going to be wrong!!!

The two girls once went to the wise man and found him deep in meditation.

– I have here, in my fist, a blue butterfly. Tell me wise, is the butterfly alive, or is it dead?

The wise man gently smiled at him and replied:

– That’s up to you,… for the butterfly is in your hands!!!

source: internet

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