The story of the rebirth of the eagle

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The story of the eagle-wiseIt is the story of the eagles who live on the highest peaks of the Andes mountains, in particularly harsh conditions; in an extremely unfriendly environment. And yet, this breed lives the longest. The secret to their survival lies in a protective enzyme emitted at the base of the flakes; thus the body of the eagle is protected against the calamities in which it leads its life.

Although his living conditions are among the harshest, he can reach the age of 70

But to get to this point, the eagle has to make a tough decision...

Starting from the age of 40, his long and flexible nails are no longer able to sustain prey. His long, sharp beak curled up, becoming more and more unsuitable for tearing up the prey. His wings are heavy and aged for years and the thickness of the feathers, defeat his fly and tire his chest muscles. And, what is more serious, the protective enzyme ceases to be emitted, thus depriving the eagle of the much-needed protection.

Then the eagle has only two options:

to die ... or

to go through a painful transformation process for 150 days.

At that moment, for the eagle, it is imperative to find a crack on a high peak, where to build a shelter. There he continuously hits his beak bent against a rock until it breaks. After he breaks his beak, he waits for his new one to grow and then pulls out his nails. After the new nails appear, she begins to pluck her aging feathers to the last. Slowly, slowly they dress again with young feathers liberally fed at the base with the precious protective enzyme. And so, after five months, the eagle resumes its famous flight for which it was created and for which, in fact, it lives ... another 30 years.

The story of the eagle can be our story of each one individually ...

How many times have I viewed suffering as something uplifting? Although it hurts, change is necessary and change involves grinding, and grinding is excruciating... The story of the eagle is a great example of the pain that transforms. He has a choice between dying or rejuvenating.

Many times, in order to survive, we have to go through such a process. Sometimes we have to let go of the past, symbols, indeledions or customs. Only by freeing ourselves from old habits, from old practices, will we be able to take advantage of the present by looking confidently towards the future.


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