Sufi story: The permanence of lack of desires

Sufi story: The permanence of lack of desires

Inner realization can be achieved in many ways, and all sages speak the same (if they are really wise).

The true spiritual Realization, which means inner communion with the Creator or His revelation in our Heart, will also be manifested by the lack of any desires.
This, however, is not due to a mortification of the being or an inner “dryness”, but, on the contrary, due to an infinitely bright and rich state that is characterized by the fact that we feel as if any kind of desire has been instantly fulfilled to us, already fulfilled, or as if we possess, at the same time, the fruits of any possible desires.

A great Sufi mystic lived in silence and solitude until he was awakened one day by a messenger from God—an angel.
The mystic rubbed his eyes and rose humbly to see the angelic presence standing before him:
“God is very pleased with you,” the angel said.
Your prayers have been heard and are accepted. I am here that, through me, He may fulfill your desires. Just ask and they will be immediately fulfilled.”

The mystic was a little baffled. “You arrived a little late,” he said. “There was a time when I needed a lot of things and I had a lot of desires, but now I don’t have it anymore.

My desires are gone.

I have felt Him in my Heart and I am pleased, because I feel whole, as if I am constantly living the joy of fulfilling any desires, of all possible desires.

It doesn’t even matter to me whether or not there is God outside of me, as thought of by most beings. In fact, I don’t need anything, absolutely nothing outside of myself to feel whole and fully happy. And this is because all possible happinesses live in me, just as “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
However, having felt Him in me, I can see Him wherever my eyes can look and even where they cannot look.

I keep praying, but I only do it because I feel good doing it.
I pray just as I breathe.
You came too late, I have no desire anymore.”

“But God agrees to give you anything,” the angel said. ” It’s a rare chance. Be wise and ask for something that can be of use to you.”
“What shall I ask?” the mystic asked. “I am happy and fulfilled. I don’t miss anything. Everything is perfect.

But… you’re right.

Yes, please, tell God that, paradoxically, I still want something:
I want to continue to remain without any desire.
My request is therefore:
Lord, please, give me the permanence of desirelessness.”

For those who are not familiar with the term Sufi: Sufism or Sufi is the initiatory school of Islam based on the esoteric interpretation of the Quran.
The Sufis were followers of a personal achievement of the divine presence in which the state of ecstasy was obtained through deep meditation and repetition of the name of God.
Sufism is a spiritual tradition within the Islamic religion and emerged in the seventh century. Sufi practitioners were, at one time, heavily persecuted, tortured or killed.
A sufi poet of note is Rumi.

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