The victory of the zen sage - talc story

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BoatIn a boat there was a zen sage, a swordsman and a few other men.

- No one beats me to fight the sword! I win in every fight, the swordsman suddenly said. What school do you come from? He asks the wise man.

- From the school of victory with your bare hands.

-A... that's impossible.

-Not... it's not...

- Then I challenge you to battle. You're not going to win. You can't win with your bare hands. I'm going to prove it.

- Okay, but why should the two of us fight?

- To show you that I am stronger, more skillful and better.

- Agreed. But... we cannot fight here in the boat. I don't want to hurt someone. I propose that we go to an island.

- It was done...

When the boat approached the shore, the swordsman jumped, pulled out his sword and sat provocatively in a fighting position. The wise man stood up, pretended to follow him, but then turned the boat over, pushed it offshore, and walked away. Then he cried out:
- This is the victory of the one with his bare hands!

Remember: to detach yourself from challenges and to let the aggressive one fight only with himself is the wise and sure victory.

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