The story of the woodcutters

woodcutter‘Two people were working in the same forest cutting woods.
The trees were large, strong, and bruised.
The two lumberjacks used their axes with the same skill, but with different methods:
The first hit the torso with an unimaginable constancy, blow after blow, without stopping for a few more moments, to take his breath away.
The second one would take a little break every hour.

At sunset, the first lumberjack was halfway through the trunk. It was a lake of sweat and it wouldn’t have lasted even five extra minutes.
Second, to see and not to believe, had finished!
They had started at the same time and the two trees were the same!
The first woodcutter couldn’t believe his eyes!

– I don’t understand anything anymore! How did you manage to finish when you stopped every hour?
The other smiled:

– You saw that I stopped after every hour, but you did not see that I was taking advantage of the break and to sharpen my axe.

Your soul, man, is like the axe. Don’t let it rust. Sharpen it a little bit every day: Stop from everyday scattering from time to time and ponder God!

Think for a moment about all your loved ones and raise a prayer for them, but also for everyone! Hug your loved ones every day and tell them, “I love you!”. Be nice to all of you! And with those in your house! Smiles! Pray! Help someone who needs you! Look at the sky and look to the high.”

Based on a story by Bruno Ferrero

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