There is life after the 12-hour meditation – a beautiful and simple one…

pictures-of-spiritual-workshopsIn yoga are obvious 2 big problems:
how do you have access to authentic and exposed information and from a practical perspective – i.e. LEARNING
and how do you make this teaching – at first theoretical – to become your own and to offer you concrete, alpable results, valid NOW AND HERE.

The so-called 12-hour internship meditation is a very good method to achieve results through a concentrated, intense and extensive effort.
The spiritual merit accumulated after such a meditation is huge, and the fact that it usually takes place by Shiva Ratri (Night of Divine Transcendence) or around the moment of full moon allows us to have a great efficiency and not to prepare for this event a whole month…!

The effects of the method reverberate in our being at least a week after that…

This special meditation is an event reserved for those who are authentic seekers and who present themselves, thus, almost every month, with emotion and humility at the meeting with Transcendence…!

This meditation can be of any nature, provided that it is authentic and aims at the Supreme Realization.
We present below the testimony of a participant in the event who preferred the bhakti yogi approach – Calea Scurta.

Self“I lived a magical night…

… with thoroughness I prepared for this night, with longing, desire and great impatience

I ran all night to find that magical place in my being, where I can feel the boundlessness.

The dawn appeared and I,
full of schemes, scenarios, techniques plasmad by my mind,
all lost, hopeless and lost I felt.

My mind created an obstacle, it also overcame it and so on. I was looking for the special, something that would amaze me and

to target me through complexity, through spectacularity.

What to say, Lord, I’m just a simple man…!

But when I got tired and hopeless I realized that even this time I did not succeed, I “sat” in a

corner of me to cry, because that’s all I could do.

And what happened…?

By Your Grace, O Lord, and by accepting my powerlessness (for now I know that anything

I would have done it myself, alone, using my human limits I would not have been able to succeed).

And it happened, I realized that where I, so fervently wanted to go, I was already.

There is nothing complex, we have not gained unusual powers, but we have achieved with clarity and maximum

lucidity love, the fulfillment that engulfed me.

It can’t be demonstrated, it’s not like the euphoria of a beautiful dream, it’s simple and fulfilling.

In those moments I realized that I was fine as it was at that time, I felt complete and

Beloved. I didn’t need anything.

A miracle by Your Grace, Lord. Now I know that I can delve into this state of being by Your Grace

and through my work to “undress” myself of scenarios, techniques, desires, calculations…

And even if I don’t always succeed, now I know that if I succeeded once I will certainly succeed.

I love you, Lord, and as someone wished me, that this night would be an uplifting one, through kindness

Your Lord, that’s how it was!


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