They loved each other and lived happily ever after


They loved each other and lived happily ever after. Is that possible?

Yes, it would be nice. Why not believe in the ideal?
Nay, yes, let’s believe it.
But life doesn’t really offer that.
Not because it would be stingy.

Life, precisely because it is generous, offers special challenges to special people.

That is, no matter how intense the love may be, problems arise, tests, which for that couple represent real challenges and which are inevitable.
They will certainly appear.
They should NOT be bypassed, but successfully overcome.
In other words, the more special a couple is, the more intense and higher their love is, the more special, refined, complex the couple’s tests will be.
This will not be something permanent and they can also experience absolutely wonderful periods, filled, even, with an ecstatic happiness.
Since in the couple the possibilities of inner evolution are greatly amplified, then the spiritual trials that each one has to face are much greater.

They loved each other and lived happily ever after!

But they will love each other, and when love is very great, the impossible easily becomes possible.


Leo Radutz (yogacharya), founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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