There is only one divine reality

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There is only one divine reality...

And an infinity of spiritual paths through which one can reach Her!
"I'm not from Bucharest.
I am writing to you to enroll in the Abheda Yoga course.
Maybe you help me with some advice. I'm now in a state of confusion, I've kind of got lost between different beliefs and I can't stop at one to practice. Due to the lack of practice I feel more and more confused and I know that I have to choose one and go with it forward, but I fail to decide.
I practiced Christianity for a period with good results, that is, prayer and going to the Orthodox monastery.
Then I read and interacted with Buddhism and I really liked some ideas and I understood the world through another very beautiful prism.
Everyone has the good parts that attract me and the parts that I can't completely reconcile with.
Anyway I feel that this is not the way it works anymore and no matter how much I read, as you say: without practice there is not much value for so much theory.
Thank you..."

Your situation is natural and is often encountered among authentic spiritual seekers.

On the one hand you need a safe landmark and on the other hand, you feel that it exists authentically in several ways that you have tried, but ...
you are concerned about spiritual efficiency, that is, if it helps you, if you succeed or you will be able to feel that it is a solution.

Beyond a certain spiritual realization,
all the wise (regardless of the path from which they come) describe the same reality and this is natural.

There are two trends in the world that aim to provide a unified framework for spiritual perspectives.
One of them is ecumenism, which apparently is, in fact, an organizational attempt by the "apparent-powerful" to succeed in putting under one will the different spiritual perspectives in order to be able to control them.

Another unifying perspective is that of nondualistic esoteric sciences, religions and practices, which have an approach that goes towards the authentic, even if sometimes some differences arise.

Abheda Yoga is precisely what it aims for - namely,

demonstrating by practice that there is a unity of all spiritual endeavors and that there are a number of laws of spiritual efficiency.
These, once known, allow success on any authentic spiritual path, no matter what it is.

In addition, knowing these principles, spiritual realization can be achieved right in the middle of life, not necessarily in retreat into solitude or in the monastery.


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