Project Avatar – from science fiction to reality there’s only one more step!

It seems that one of the most ambitious dreams of mankind – that of immortality – is about to come true!

The Russian tycoon Dimitry Itskov (billionaire and mogul of the Russian press) leads a research project that intends to turn into reality one of the greatest aspirations of mankind, namely, immortality!

Dmitry Itskov’s project is called Avatar, which is also very controversial because it is on the border between science and science fiction. This project aims to damageinformation from the human brain into robots, and later into a computer chip. It will all happen in the next 30 years, until 2045.

avatar1The AVATAR project is structured in four stages. Thus, between 2012-2020, the Avatar A project will begin: an android body will be controlled by a man’s brain. The solution is ideal for both people with disabilities and those who have to work in a dangerous environment, where their human bodies would be destroyed.

And other researchers have thought about this possibility. DARPA allocated $7 million for research on creating an interface to be used by a soldier and act as a bipedal fighting machine, similar to a robot-soldier. Other projects are aimed at using brain waves to control a humanoid robot.

The second step, Avatar B, will take place between 2020-2025 and will mean achieving an autonomous support that hosts the human brain. The system will be used to “recover” the brain of a person who is about to die or will provide an artificial body to those who can no longer move at all.

In this regard, there are experiments made in the 1970s by Dr
. Robert J. White
, who managed to “transplant” several monkey heads. However, in the case of humans it will be much harder, because you want not only to keep the brain intact, but also to continue its functions, at full capacity.

With Avatar C, which is estimated to begin in 2035, the human brain will no longer be preserved in its material form, but “downloaded” into an artificial brain of an android. Only in this case we can begin to talk about “immortality”. Here we can notice the similarity with the well-known film AVATAR, in which it was about the same procedure, the transfer of the contents of the human brain to another body, specially built for it.

In this area of memory transfer and intelligence, the research is only just beginning. The transfer can also be used temporarily to help recover lost memories, for example, by manipulating this information as soon as it is moved to artificial support.

The last step of the project is Avatar D and it will have them after the year 2040. Even if everything Dmitry wants seems worthy of the Star Trek series, the ideas are very interesting.

Not to mention the brain, but about “mind”, which will be kept in the chip of a computer. The body that will use this mind will be able to take any form: it can be a hologram, which will move at the speed of the world and will pass through the walls or it will be made of nanorobots, which will be able to take different material forms.

“Humanity will experience complete evolution for the first time and eventually become a new species,” says Dmitry.

avatar2It seems that the project is already enjoying support, the Russian billionaire says that he has already hired 30 researchers for the Avatar project and this year he will open offices in San Francisco.

He wants to publicize his plans and seek support especially among them interested in the application of this project for medical purposes.

Obviously, the amount needed for such an ambitious project is huge, so Dimitry has already sent an open letter to the billionaires on the Forbes list, asking them to subscribe to his project through donations.

It may seem incredible, but he has already received support from the Russian Ministry of Education and Science and even the blessing of the
Dalai Lama.

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