To do good is… to be like Him

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To do good is… to be like Him.

In fact, when we realize the good,
we repeat, in small,
what He accomplishes at the level of the whole manifestation,
being also we, then, “like him.”


In my view, being able to help and having whom

it is a privileged opportunity

which it is good to make the most of or,

if we don’t have it, let’s look for it frantically.

“One morning, after finishing his prayer, the old man opened his eyes and saw a scorpion floating helplessly in the water.

As the scorpion was carried by the current to a nearby tree, the old man reached out after him.

He leaned against one of the long roots, which had grown under water, seeking to rid the creature from drowning.

As soon as he touched him, the scorpion pricked him. Instinctively, the man withdrew his hand.

A minute later, finding his balance, the old man once again stretched out to save the scorpion. This time, the scorpion touched him so badly with his poisoned tail that the man’s hand swelled and his face crippled in pain.

A passerby saw the old man stretching after the scorpion and shouted to him:
-Hey, stupid man, what grabbed you?

Only a madman risks his life for an ugly and evil creature.
Do you not know that you can die trying to get rid of the ungrateful scorpion?
The old man turned his head and, looking quietly into the eyes of the stranger, said:

Friend, the fact that the nature of the scorpion is to sting
they must not be able to change my disposition in any way,
inclined to the better and to the help of others!
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