What is the good? Is there a Universal Good or is the Good what I like?

We are always told to choose, to vote and to do good.
There is a Universal Good or

Is good what I like?

What is the good?

Good is not all that is pleasant.
Drugs, sweet or fragrant poisons, traps with attractive baits show that we can not thus detect the good.

Good is not painful either, even if penicillin, dentist’s pliers or the corrective punishment of the good parent have pleasant results and help us a lot.

A deed with seemingly sweet fruit today

may have bitter results tomorrow

and sweet again the day after tomorrow.

A deed appreciated by society today

She will be punished with heavy imprisonment tomorrow

or cheered in another area of the globe.
To kill in war or in battle with villains seems good,

and private crime is punished as evil.

So… Let’s do good… only and only good… But which is that?

What exactly is good?

From the perspective of Abheda Yoga, the good has a Universal dimension

and cannot be interpreted according to the era and culture in which we live

or by the particular desires of the evaluating man.

Thus, Good would be
which leads us
from Ignorance to Knowledge
from passerby to Non-rector
from finite to infinite,
gradually or instantly overcoming any lmita we encounter.

Either Divine Order or. even God.

But because the structure of events is very complex,

How will we know how to do good?

We apply the secret methods of the Abheda karma yoga system or,

until we master this special yogic procedure

or until we awaken spiritually

and we know the direction of Good in our soul,

we apply the method indicated by St. Augustine:

“Love and do what you want!”

The method is very good,

Because if we love,

Then we want to perform only certain actions.

However, we certainly owe it

Choosing to Do

at least what at least appears to us,

with the current spiritual level and inner tools,

as good.

Doing Good is a privilege

and not a “misfortune of being a sucker”,

as is the lower perspective.

We invite you to do the Good, which means, for those who know, to practice Abheda.

Because when we practice abheda this we aim with all our might:

to learn, desire, and even accomplish the Good.


Leo Radutz (yogacharya),

founder of the Abheda system,

the initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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