The meat is not good, I understand. What about fish what’s it like?

Ok, I understand, the flesh is toxic and it’s a corpse of an unduly killed living being.
But with fish and seafood what’s it like? I know that the fish does not feel pain and is not considered meat

Well… why eat more fish?

That it’s not meat is an illusion: Of course it’s meat, it’s not potato, so are the so-called “seafood” that is meat all day long.
Some say that it does not matter the thing with meat that hurts (others also say smoking like that).
Then it remains anyway that you eat a corpse of a living being, killed for your fantasy, because it was not necessary to eat it.
You had something to eat.
For example, what would you do if you were at the South Pole, you were left without food and from hunger and cold your comrade dies?
Then it makes sense to eat his corpse because there’s no other solution but he’s not going to need it.
But we have something to eat. The karma due to the killing of the animal also lies with us, who pay for the killing.

The fish feels pain: even perhaps louder than mammals, he has a very sensitive nervous system and even senses superior to man.
He just doesn’t scream or cry.
That’s right, the karma due to killing a being is proportional to his level of consciousness.
The fish has a lower level than that of a dog, for example. But it’s pretty much useless, in my opinion. It’s neither healthy nor spiritual.

From an ecological point of view:

In general, fishing – oceanic, above all – is one of the very great causes of the increase in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and the reason for great imbalances in nature.
And this is not necessary, it is only a habit exploited by an industry, the habit of some people eating fish, clams and “seafood”.

In this regard, we suggest you watch the exceptional documentaries “
” and “
“, which can also be found on Netflix and that are really interesting.

Although, let’s summarize:

  • no need
  • meat is more toxic in our body than vegetable foods
  • karmic recoil that occurs due to the killing of the animal
  • the essential reason of practical spirituality, that is, yoga works better in vegetarians
  • the environmental disaster and the significant increase in carbon footprint.

There is no limit to bearability

The “escapes” to killed animals don’t make much sense.
Many people who practice yoga return to the habit of eating meat after a single “trial” with meat.

The level of ordinary people is so strong that this habit “swallows” them immediately.
People have been feeding on meat for thousands of years and very rarely have they achieved anything spiritually significant.


“It takes strictness to be different from others, otherwise you’ll get something the same as others.

Leo Radutz

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