The secret of power!

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The secret of power!

The great hoax that the organizers of this apocalyptic moment of the planet offered,

first of all to children, but also to their parents,

it was the idea that discipline is not necessary.

It was the idea of a wrong perspective on freedom.

What would it be like in reality?

If you want to be free, you have to be disciplined, be able to "solve the maze" and do it too.

If you do not solve the labyrinth, ignoring the fact that things are complex and require better and better self-control, does not provide freedom, but chaining.

It does not offer the possibility, but the powerlessness.

Discipline is not actually, as many people think, a habit or a printed impulse to be submissive.

Discipline, on the contrary, is a tool
in order to be able to be truly rebellious (if this is necessary),
to be disobedient.

Because, to that end, to gain freedom,

it is necessary to do certain things in a certain way

and others not to do them at all.

And that requires discipline.

People have the impression that discipline would be an activity in which you submit to someone, because at first, at school, in particular, discipline means to acquire the capacity of control first of fear, subjecting yourself to the order emanating from the teacher or teacher.

That's how it is, a lot of times, in the beginning. Then man assumes some commands in which he believes and seeks to fulfill them by voluntarily orienting his efforts and thoughts in that direction. If he can do that, he needs ... the habit of discipline.

What exactly is discipline?

The ability to self-control our mind,

because the mind, once controlled by us,

then it will be easily controlled and what controls the mind.

That is: our actions, our words and their consequences.

Discipline is a sine-qua-non virtue, without which you can't.

If you want to someone's life

or if you want to a community or a country

you fool them that discipline is not necessary.

You tell them that those who manage to manifest discipline are nerds or suckers.
Or some weak and strong people are the ones who may not be disciplined and do whatever they want, regardless of the consequences.

"What they want," in the sense of "what they want to do," not what they really want, if they "stand" to think as much as necessary.

Because what do people really want.

no matter what nature they are,

is to succeed in their actions.

And for the success of the actions

you need to act in a different way

and not to act in any other way.

Or, for this, it requires the capacity of control, that is, the discipline of the mind.

Do not fool yourself anymore, be wise and start at least in the 12th hour to discipline your mind, to develop inner discipline !

This truth in the last decades has been hidden from humanity

and it was replaced by the idea of anarchy, of the law of good will,

of imposing one's own perspective, whether it is good or not.

It is, in my opinion, a gigantic hoax, meant for one thing: to make people weak.


Discipline is power!


Leo Radutz (yogacharya), founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution


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