Weightless, the most relaxing song in the world!

music-relaxIt is well known that we are often stressed and tense because of the tyrannical activity of our brain that dictates everything that happens in our bodies and that is solely responsible for these states that we experience, often without real external causes. Simply put, if we do not enter into a dispute over the nature of the self, we are the ones responsible for the impossibility of being present and not letting ourselves be carried unconsciously by the neural connections that dictate unwanted states of mind.

And because we cannot all be able to control ourselves, we invent means of control or calming. Today, we present you a song of only eight minutes that is supposed to have the ability to give us the state of calm that we need.

Her filmmakers claimed it was the most relaxing song ever recorded. In a combination of harmonies, rhythms and basses, the song Weightless, created by Marconi Union, helps to slow down the pulse, reduce blood pressure and helps to lower cortisol levels in the body, also known as the stress hormone. The British band worked together with a team of specialists in sound therapy to create this song, which manages to calm the rhythm of breathing and reduce brain activity.

According to Lyz Cooper, the founder of the British Academy of Sound Therapy, it was created on scientific and musical principles known to have, individually, relaxing effects on the mind.

The song contains a sustained rhythm that starts at 60 beats per minute and gradually drops to 50. Their choice was determined by the desire for the heart to automatically adjust its beats according to this rhythm. The pauses between the notes were chosen to create feelings of euphoria and comfort, and in the melody there are no repetitive pieces, which allows the brain to slow down its activity because it no longer tries to automatically predict the rhythm that follows. The final element of the song is the low-frequency murmur used in Buddhist songs.

Following an experiment conducted on a group of 40 women who listened to Weightless, scientists noticed a 65% reduction in anxiety.

It seems to have a more relexant effect even than massage, women who have been tested have recognized this fact, preferring to listen to the melody instead of a massage. It has also been scientifically proven that it is more relaxing than the musical pieces of Adele, Enya or even Mozart!

Source; http://www.breinz.ro/

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