Why is it good to consume ginseng?

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Ginseng is a wonder plant that comes from China and North America, being used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. Its exceptional properties made it to be used as a general tonic of the body, being well known for its revitalized effects and as a remedy against fatigue.

Ginseng root was used by Native Americans who knew its miraculous properties, and when they had to go a very long way, or went hunting, the American Indians chewed the ginseng root to resist fatigue.

Besides the revitalizing properties, ginseng was also used as a cure against aging, or for people who had heart problems. Meanwhile, a lot of ailments have been discovered that can be successfully treated by ginseng.

Ginseng or Panax Ginseng, is a perennial plant, which grows at a slow pace, in the forested areas of northeastern China and Korea, and which requires a very rich soil to be able to develop. In order for this plant to reach maturity, a period of between four and six years is required. The assembly of ginseng roots, consisting of a central one and several laterals, covered by small strands of roots, can reach the length of 60 cm. After harvesting, which is carried out in autumn, when the plant has reached maturity, the roots are cleaned, selected and dried, being ready to be eaten.

Ginseng picked from the wild is considered particularly strong and is probably the most expensive medicinal plant in the world. Most of the ginseng available on the market is, however, commercially cultivated.

The aerial part of ginseng is very attractive, with green and petiolate leaves, sharp at the top having some small fruits, red in bunches; however only the root has healing properties. Its original name means "Human Root", due to the ginseng root that resembles the shape of the human body.

Ginseng has been found to contain an antioxidant substance called saponin, which helps slow down the aging process of neural cells and strengthen the immune system. Besides this, saponins regulate blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. Clinical studies conducted on people who have consumed ginseng, have confirmed that ginsegul is also a natural afridisiac, increasing vitality, improving virility in men, and helping in sexual dysfunction of both sexes.

In Western culture, gineseng is also used as a digestive tonic, stimulating digestion processes, and calming the effects of the nervous system, such as the effect of mental setress and nervousness on digestion.

The list of diseases in which ginseng can be used successfully is very long, but it is worth remembering some of the most common diseases that can be relieved by this wonderful plant:

- Improves memory;

- Reduces stress and nervousness;

Prevents aging;

- Increases immunity;

- Balances metabolism;

- Prevents headaches, and migraines;

- Eliminate fatigue;

- increases the body's resistance;

- Treats sleep disorders and prevents insomnia;

- has beneficial effects for postmenopausal women;

- has proven clinical effects in terms of male virility and sexual dysfunctions of both sexes.

On the market you can find several assortments of ginseng: such as Siberian ginseng and red ginseng. Besides these, ginseng is also found associated with various other plants such as garlic, rosehip, St. John's wort and royal jelly, to potentiate its healing properties,

If you want to try ginseng be careful how you consume it, consult your family doctor in advance, or buy it from safe sources, respectively specialized stores, or from manufacturers certified for quality.



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