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ABHEDA este o revoluție etică, morală și de suflet care poate schimba cu adevărat lumea... dacă începem întâi cu noi.” - Acharya Leonard

Abheda is that form of yoga of spirituality in the middle of life that is based on the Great Recognition:

"Identity between the human being, the world and God", founded by Acharya Leonard.

1) The main methods of Abheda are valid (almost all) in the three worlds - physical, subtle (astral) and causal - and will be useful to us even after the so-called death.

They have a universal character, so they are not only necessary for those who are passionate or have affinity for Abheda Yoga, but they are necessary for every man to understand his life.

2) Allows us to wake up spiritually, to awaken our living soul – Jivatma, to connect with the Source, to find ourselves – the Supreme and Immortal Self Atman.

3) It awakens very easily the fundamental energy Kundalini for people who are at least acceptablely prepared and ascends it to the column without risk, providing a feasible system for Kundalini Sadhana valid and in situations of very intense manifestations of Kundalini energy.

4) It is a nondualistic method and among other things helps people explain that

- if something is not inside you will not be able to be found outside

- if we change something inside and the outside will change accordingly

- if we change something on the outside, most likely the inside won't change.

5) Explains the possibility and also the fundamental need to be in the same time in IMANENT AND TRANSCENDENT, that is, in the middle of life of the most concrete but also in holiness, sacred.

6) Because it is among the very few ways that offer clear and theoretical and practical methods to spiritualize life every moment (and not just when we are well or we have a harmonious or high spiritual state).

Whatever life contains, we will live the state in which "we are in the world but we are not of the world", without anything really touching us, deepening with every moment lived in the authentic peace of the spirit that is in fact present discovered or undiscovered in any man.

7) Abheda offers true Freedom, solutions to avoid any form of attachment and to transform it alchemically into spiritual, uplifting qualitiesthat will continue to be an engine of our evolution. Abheda Yoga alchemically transforms any awkward attributes into spiritual qualities and virtues.

8) Explains and helps to achieve the state of true nondual happiness,being, from this point of view, an emblematic method for methods of spiritual transformation.

9) Explains methods for increasing the coefficients of intelligence and emotional intelligence to the very odds of genius.

10) Disciplines the mind,gives it the strength of a mental laser, develops spiritual virtues and forces elite characters.

11) Specifies methods by which we can understand the spiritual purpose - the two forms of dharma - inner and exerior - and by which we can successfully fulfill them.

12) Shows that destiny does not exist and describes the methods by which we can have a wise life, in accordance with our aspirations.

13) Explains theoretically and practically and cultivates the fundamental forms of meditation- those that - very likely - form the basis of many meditations in the universe.

14) Shows how love is fundamental to every human being - and especially the fact that it is essential for us to love - and cultivates and refines it.

15) Shows the methods by which the rapprochement between man and woman may not produce any fall or impurity.

16) Provides fundamental methods for group evolution - the spiritual family kaula.

17) Shows how love is fundamental to every human being - and especially the fact that it is essential for us to love - and cultivates and refines it.

18) Provides, perhaps for the first time, a universal explanation of what the Universal Good means,which generates a universal moral and ethics:

- the transition from ignorance to knowledge,

- from finite to infinite,

- from what is transient to what is non-transient.

19) Provides methods to pierce ANY of the 5 fundamental inner limitations - kanchuka - limitation in space, time, satisfaction, power and knowledge.

20) Explains clearly in a wonderful way - what is the theoretical basis of the devotional procedures bhakti, thus releasing the devotional path for many people who normally considered devotion a waste of time.

It actually opens the devotional path for almost anyone, because everyone has hot desires and is looking for ways to fulfill them.

That's enough for true devotion, if we know how.

21) Provides effective methods of working with essential short mantras or bija mantras.

22) Art of any kind is understood, harmonized and supported by abheda practice, transforming it between a path of transformation, both for the creator of art and for the art receiver.

23) Sport can be practiced much more effectively by people who practice intensively Abheda.

24) Work and even Life - generally become a fascinating spiritual path for practitioner Abheda.

Acharya Leonard

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Abheda Yoga este o cale deosebită, rară, care poate cu adevărat să ne transforme. Putem dezvolta chiar și ceea ce nu am primit prin naștere și genetică sau nu am reușit să realizăm prin educație și alte influențe formatoare.
Acharya Leonard
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