Why do I love Abheda Yoga? – 23 about Abheda

Abheda is a form of yoga of spirituality in the midst of life that is based on the Great Recognition:

“The identity between the human being, the world and God” .

1) The main methods of Abheda will be useful to us even after the so-called death and are valid (almost all) in the three worlds – physical, subtle (astral) and causal.

Ele au un caracter universal

so they are necessary for any man to understand his life, not only to those who are passionate or have an affinity for Abheda Yoga.

2) It allows us to awaken spiritually

  • să ne trezim sufletul cel viu – Jivatma să ne conectăm cu Sursa,
  • să ne regăsim pe noi înșine – Sinele Suprem și Nemuritor Atman.

3) It very easily awakens the fundamental Kundalini energy for people who are acceptablely prepared and ascends it to the column without risk.
It provides a feasible system for Kundalini Sadhana also valid in the situations of very intense manifestations of the Kundalini energy.

4) It is a nondualist method, that is…

  • dacă ceva nu este în interior nu va putea fi gasit în exterior
  • dacă modificăm ceva în interior și exteriorul se va modifica în mod corespunzător
  • dacă modificăm ceva în exterior, cel mai probabil interiorul nu se va modifica.

5) Explains the possibility and also the need to BE AT THE SAME TIME IN IMMANENT AND TRANSCENDENT, that is… in the midst of the most concrete life but also in holiness, sacred.

6) Oferă metode clare si teoretice si practice pentru a spiritualiza viata

every moment and not only when we are well or we have a harmonious or high spiritual state.
No matter what life contains, we will live the state in which “we are in the world but we are not of the world.” Thus we delve with every moment lived in the authentic peace of the spirit that is actually present in every man.

7) Abheda offers true Freedom, solutions to avoid any form of attachment… and to alchemically transform it into spiritual, uplifting qualities that will continue to be an engine of our evolution. Abheda Yoga alchemically transforms awkward qualities into spiritual qualities and virtues.

8) Explains and helps to achieve the state of true nonduial happiness being, from this point of view, an emblematic method for the methods of spiritual transformation.

9) Explain methods for increasing the iqs of intelligence and emotional intelligence even up to the odds of genius.

10) Disciplines the mind gives it the strength of a mental laser, develops spiritual virtues and forestimates elite characters.

11) It specifies methods by which we can understand the spiritual purpose of the two forms of dharma – inner and exerioar – and through which we can successfully fulfill them.

12) It shows that destiny does not exist and describes the methods by which we can have a wise life, in accordance with our aspirations.

13) It explains theoretically and practically and cultivates the fundamental forms of meditation those that – very likely – are the basis of many meditations in the universe.

14) It shows how love is fundamental to every human being- and especially the fact that it is essential for us to love. Cultivate and refine it.

15) Oferă soluții pentru relații de cuplu

so that the rapprochement between man and woman might not cause any fall or impurity.

16) The spiritual family kaula. It provides fundamental methods for group evolution.

17) It provides a universal explanation of what the universal Good means that generates a universal moral and ethic:

  •  trecerea de la ignoranță la cunoaștere,
  • de la finit la infinit,
  • de la ceea ce este trecător la ceea ce este netrecător.

18) Provides methods to pierce ANY of the 5 fundamental inner limitations kanchuka – limitation in space, time, satisfaction, power and knowledge.

19) Explain the devotion, describing clearly in a wonderful way – what is the theoretical basis of bhakti devotional processes. In this way it frees the devotional path for many people who normally considered devotion a waste of time.

It actually opens the devotional path for almost anyone, because everyone has hot desires and is looking for ways to fulfill them.
That’s enough for true devotion, if we know how.

20) Effective methods of working with essential short mantras or bija mantras

21) Art of any kind is understood, harmonized and supported by the practice of Abheda, transforming it between a path of transformation, both for the creator of art and for the receiver of art.

22) Sport can be practiced much more effectively by people who practice intensively Abheda.

23) Munca și Viața devin o Cale spirituală fascinantă


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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