The “burning” of karma during eclipses

It’sthe moment of sunshine that takes place at the time of the new moon is a privileged moment for the burning of karma.

If, in general, the period of the new moon, the so-called night of Shiva Ratri – is an occasion for the burning of karma and to achieve great spiritual leaps through transcendence, now is a special occasion for a spiritual effort with even greater efficiency.

So, for a period before and after the maximum, regardless of whether it is visible or not, we have the possibility to achieve great spiritual leaps, realizing

  • yoga japa with the AUM mantra (the internalized mental repetition of the AUM mantra),
  • prayer
  • meditative methods that lead us into transcendence,
  • methods related to the Way of The Gagia, hesychast meditation

It is an excellent opportunity for THE BURNING OF KARMA or the so-called FORGIVENESS OF SINS.

The period of time during which a solar or lunar eclipse occurs has various meanings
for people belonging to different cultures.

Many times the eclipse was associated with something negative: the “werewolf” that eats the sun or moon, or a demon who wants the evil of people and wants to deprive him of the influence of that heavenly body.

In our opinion, in authentic yoga there is no room for superstition.
But a determination offered by the ancient rishi sages tells us that

any solar or lunar eclipse, partial or non-partial is an opportunity to propel spiritual evolution.

How is this done?

Partial or total lunar or solar eclipses are privileged opportunities to meditate, to make meaningful spiritual leaps. This is because the influence of the emissive fields of the sun, moon and earth is then composed or united to the maximum generating certain unusual effects.

We can thus:

  • to overcome an obstacle in our lives,
  • to quickly advance in meditation,
  • to achieve lasting inner peace,
  • soul inspiration,
  • amplification of intelligence,
  • supporting a relationship,
  • closeness to God

What meditation is done?

Any meditation is good, but in this sense fundamental meditations are very useful, that is, those that have the potential to make the transition from ignorance to knowledge, from the finite to the infinite, from the passerby to the unrefined.

For example:

  • fundamental meditation Anuttara
  • meditation with the present moment
  • ucchara meditation with mantra AUM or OM (or with other major bija-mantras)
  • meditation with incandescent-white
  • bhakti meditation – devotional with Ananta
  • bhakti-type meditation – Christian devotional or isihast meditation.

Only intuitively can it be said that a deep fundamental meditation or ucchara with the AUM mantra performed on the occasion of an eclipse can “burn” the karma of an entire life (a common life as a karmic charge).

Of course, this statement is generic, but it illustrates how important and wise it is to use this opportunity to accelerate spiritual evolution and to position ourselves with our lives on another spiral, with greater speed and with other, more refined tests.

If we practice meditation during the eclipse, we can easily go into meditation much deeper than any other day.

The practice of meditation will be more spontaneous and easier.

We will notice that we will feel as if the whole world supports us in meditation.

It is good to keep absolute food fasting Anaharin

on that day and to support the effectiveness of the eclipse moment by doing preparatory meditations a few days before, every day.

Meditation can be directed to achieve health, for certain spiritual or even worldly goals, for personal development and others.

How long should the meditation last?

We can position it one duration before and another after the end of the eclipse, and this duration can be, according to the possibilities from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on our ability to meditate and the time we have available.

After we have carried out this meditation we have a suitable opportunity to assume special tapass directed in a proper way and even to carry out karma yoga or acts of charity.



Leo Radutz

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