“Burning Karma” through Transcendence Meditation in the Relay – silent retreat

Relay Transcendence Meditation – Prasarana Paramita –

It is a very deep meditation that can last, depending on our desire and skills – even 24 hours,

managing to make a group effort, although everyone is free and can meditate… or leave… Or it may even come back after a while.

It is done once a month and only Abheda Yoga students can participate

who received at least initiation into Fundamental Meditation.


One can benefit almost individually from the guidance and impetus of the teacher

Why do we do Prasarana Paramita – The Relay Meditation of Transcending Limitations?

Through this we can obtain

– the accumulation of great or even gigantic spiritual merit

– significant steps towards conquering divine transcendence in our own inner universe or, even, Supreme Spiritual Realisation

– amplification of spiritual aspiration

– amplifying personal charm

– awakening of the soul

– mental discipline and mental focus power – state of spiritual heroism

– amplifying in our being the corresponding aspects of Mahayana, the way of one who walks the Spiritual Path for the good of others

– acquiring the ability to cope with sustained spiritual efforts and independence from the presence of comfort

– spiritual maturation

– awakening of Kundalini energy and its ascension on the spine

– ability to relate effectively to the opposite polar divine archetype, Shiva or Supreme Shakti

– transcending the limits that prevent us from loving

– Spirituality in midlife

– a special flavor in which we feel the divine integration and purity of the inner Heart that can remain long after meditation

– state of wisdom
– transcending important karmic issues that were blocking our spiritual evolution

– it is an opportunity that allows us to assume a consistent tapas in the coming days

– we can one day make up for some of what we have not practiced regularly.


Rules to follow in meditation

– Mauna is maintained perfectly in the sacred space; communication is done by signs or notes;
– movements are made silently or with minimum noise, if we move we do this tiptil and we have maximum respect for the activity of others;
– the mobile phone is used only for minimal written communications;
– do not sleep in the space intended for action and do not lie down;
– if there is a situation in which we need to sneeze or cough, we do this by putting a textile object to the mouth (T-shirt, scarf, sweater) to dampen the sound;
– in spaces where verbal communication is allowed, it will be done in a low voice and after we make sure that the door is closed;
– eat only in the kitchen and do not chew gum;
– if we have noisier manifestations due to Kundalini energy, we retreat to a greater distance from the main group of meditating yogis.

Suggestions to follow in meditation

-it is good to participate right from the beginning, the starting ritual significantly amplifying our spiritual chances;
– if we perform Ananta standing with Aswini Mudra cumulating at least 4 hours, the next day (even if we do not sleep all night) it is very likely that we will not sleep at all;
– it is good to have a notebook in which to write down very succinctly the important ideas that appear to us;
– it is good to keep our temper and, especially, to be persistent; if, however, we have fallen asleep, at the first opportunity we resume;
It is wise to use green tea and other legal herbs with revitalized and elevating effects before and during meditation.
– it is good to eat as little or not at all;
– if we do eat, it is good to do so as consciously as possible and turn the act of eating into a sacred act;
– avoid meditating on music (however, this is allowed only in the space for asanas or in the locker room);
– more important effects occur at the end and it is even possible that the state is so special or intense that we no longer want to leave the meditation (at the end); It is, therefore, better to follow the meditation to the end.


Leo Radutz (yogacharya), founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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