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, with emphasis on A)

“The light that overcomes darkness.”



What is Aarathi?

Abheda Aarathi is an Abheda Jnana process by which, by practicing it adequately, we can achieve many beneficial inner effects, both at the level of inner peace and at the level of wisdom and power.

The Supreme Realization or Spiritual Awakening of a Human Being can be achieved by practicing Aarathi and is the main purpose of the practice.

This requires a deep and persevering practice and guidance of an authentic Abheda master.


How do we practice to be effective?

Aarathi is performed standing or in a meditation position, if possible with the eyes closed, aiming to have a state as deep as possible, totally ignoring the outside, starting from the 3 +1 conditions of the Anuttara fundamental meditation.

It is necessary to be as authentic as possible when we realize this (that is, it is not formally intonated!), referring to the deep or essential meaning of each word, so that everything we say allows us to connect to the reality of that signification.

Thus, the Word becomes more and more Reality

and even a single practice can offer us a deep state, which can continue with fundamental meditation or another type of essential meditation.

Aloud intonations of mantra or syllable OM (the unexpannounced version of AUM which is considered to be Amen’s forerunner in Christianity) it is achieved with a voice as melodious, clear as possible and aiming to last as long as possible, using all our inner emissive force and all the outer emissive force.


Common mistakes that should be avoided:

  • formal utterance of words
  • attention oriented to the direct meaning and not to the deep meaning of the words
  • lack of attention
  • lack of 3+1 conditions in Anuttara fundamental meditation
  • the attention predominantly oriented to the form of the ritual and less to its content



Aarathi may be

  • led by a coordinator who indicates the actions and utters the words, while we follow the directions and speak out loud or in thought;
  • carried out by ourselves, with or without all the preparatory actions and in this case we can read or it is better to use a recording made in advance, especially with the utterances, to enter into deep meditation and for the utterances to reverberate in us, bringing us more and more THEIR REALITY.

If possible, the following actions will also be carried out, at the beginning (if there are no conditions we will carry out the actions that are possible and continue with the intonation of Aarathi or proceed directly to the intonation):

  1. The offering of the Abheda Aarathi action is carried out internally, to be carried out with detachment and wisdom and in accordance with the Universal Order.
  2. It addresses the 3+1 conditions of Anuttara fundamental meditation;
    if we make the Aarathi ourselves, obviously, we will not be able to address the 3+1 condition until the utterance, if we have memorized Aarathi;
    but even if we have not memorized, while we will utter we aim to support the 3+1 conditions, even if we need to look or act (Adi Mudra)
  3. It sounds from the clam once or three times – and we relate to the sense of sound and
    akasha tattva
    or the ether element, akasha;
  4. It is beaten from the Damaru drum for a minimum of 60 seconds and we refer to the sense of sound and the element
    akasha tattva
    (the subtle ether);
  5. It sublimates with the help of fire incense, fir resin, rosin or burns camphor or vaporizes in some way a volatile essential oil of basil, mint, coriander, bergamot, lavender and we refer to the smell and the element earth –
    prithivi tattva
  6. Pranayama is performed with at least three complete yogic breaths with the breath on the mouth with the tongue in the roof of the mouth – Sieve Kari, full retention and exhalation through the mouth, also with the tongue in the roof of the mouth and the orientation of the prane to swadisthana and the reference to the taste and
    apas tatva
    – the subtle essence of water;
  7. A candle or five candles are lit as an offering of light oriented towards the full success of Aarathi and we relate to the sense of sight and
    tejas tattva
    – the element of fire;
    here the participants open their eyes and watch for at least one minute the lit candles keeping the inner attitude;
  8. Pranayama is performed with three complete yogic breaths with the breath on the nose, full retention and exhalation on the mouth, with the lips close or ruffled and the orientation of the prane to Anahata and the reference to the sense of touch and vayu tatva

    – the subtle essence of air;

  9. It sounds from the clam once or three times – and we relate to the sense of sound, and
    akasha tattva
    – the ether element, akasha;



Then we begin the intonation aloud of the words of Aarathi, which is the most important part and on which we must focus all the attention, since all the actions so far have been preparatory. Intonation can also be done in thought, following the writing, a recording or the utterance of the coordinator.

After the intonation, being already with our eyes closed, if we wish, we can continue the meditation as much as possible, referring on the basis of the 3+1 conditions to the reality of the words in Aarathi.

We have here a prime example of ABHEDA AARATHI intonation
with the voice of our master, Leo Radutz,
made on the very occasion of the revelation of this wonderful technique.


Utterance ABHEDA AARATHI with Aum:


I aspire to be Free, Alive and Happy
and I feel more and more that I am myself-Self
towards which I transform my body and mind
And I find that, though seemingly limited,
I have always been and am,
In essence,
unlimited and perfect.

Through the Supreme Self
darkness becomes Light,
ignorance becomes Knowledge,
suffering becomes Happiness
and that which is transient becomes Eternal.

If I look outside I fall asleep
and if I look inside I wake up.

And I aspire to be both the Essence and the World at once,
to know the great mystery of Existence
by which I am in the World but I am not of the World.

My life has deep meaning
And it’s a privileged opportunity
to be able to live it by helping others
and if I put that which is spiritual first
all others appear easily,
therefore spiritual help is the greatest helper.

Good is incomparably stronger than Evil,
that can only sometimes be more visible or tempting.

The universe they live in is conscious
and if I change the inside, the outside will change with it.
but if I change the exterior, the inside won’t really follow

Until the Great Recognition is complete,
Transformation is needed
and it means that there is no stagnation,
but evolution or involution.

Because the so-called death is illusory,
and although the body dies, they can live continuously,
being nothing but one dream after another dream,
it is more important how they live
than the fact that they live.

O my essential Self,
Help me to always see the Truth beyond appearances,
because what is fleeting is always
a symbol of what is inconspicuous.

I aspire to love life in many ways
And I know that no matter how strong I become, if I didn’t have love
I wouldn’t have anything.

Love is a precious divine gift,
which is much more valuable when I live it myself
than when the beings who love me live it.

And I know that truth and justice without love
are cruelty
and faith without love
it’s fanaticism.

I love perfume
and the taste of nectar of life,
Even when it’s harsh,
love touching
and the light of Existence,
but also the divine sound of Love
Even when they may be different than I thought.

O my immortal Supreme Self,
Please help me however,
help me to be I
help me to be HIM,
help me to be Them
for I know that I, HIM, and Them are the same One
and this is the Great Recognition!

how do I get to this
Supreme Reality
and Absolute?

The answer is:
I’m not giving up anything
And I don’t keep anything!
Established in My Self
take part in the joy of everything
and they are as they are!


This technique was created by

our teacher and founder of Abheda, Leo Radutz

and includes personal quotes and quotes of great spiritual masters and thinkers.

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