About the elite of humanity

About the elite of humanity


Who are those who belong to or belong to the elite of humanity?

The elite was an interesting word that meant everything that a more precious community has, the most valuable people, the people at the top.
On the planet now, it is considered that the elite are those who are at the top of the trophic pyramid, that is, those who have more money and more power.
This Darwinian perspective is actually a big hoax.

They’re all fooling themselves. And those who are in the case of the trophic pyramid, being the elite; the others are fooling themselves, who think that they would be the elite.

If we think so, it means that a gigantic robot, the size of a mountain, indestructible, which can destroy anything, does not even follow its rules that can be mechanical – it is the elite.

Should an apparatus to control and destroy beings really be the elite?

For example, the crocodile is considered by them to be part of the elite of animals, precisely because he has no natural enemies and that he is at the top of the trophic pyramid.
But the crocodile is a rudimentary animal very little evolved, but a very powerful killing machine in its environment, in the water, where it lives.
There is nothing to discuss about it. It’s just a living machine to kill. Stay away from the crocodile, because it can kill you.

Are elites the people who are rich and have power, or those who only have power (like politicians)? Are they elites?

What if their soul is not awakened, if they cannot understand much, or even if they are awkward, just some living thing on the planet who are passionate about power over others or about materiality? NOT! These are not elites!

However, they can impose certain things on everyone and on those who would be truly elites.
These are higher human beings, wisely, with a higher understanding;
that is, on these wise, refined, beautiful beings, perhaps even spiritual or deified, the so-called elites can impose themselves.

How, then, is it possible for them to be able to impose their will and control the lives of beings who are truly elites of humanity?

First, this control is relative.
As one wise man said: “you can also throw me into the inferno, but you will never be able to take the paradise out of me, because it is inside.”

On the other hand, what the real elites do not understand, is that:
  • if you’re really an elite,
  • if you are part of the elite of humanity,

You have the wisdom, the ability to find and use tools to limit the “crocodile” in the human world.
We make it so that he stays at his place in the swamp or in the pond where he is preoccupied with his main rudimentary activity: that of eating or defeating any being that passes by.

But a problem arises, because beings get in life what they want;
if they do not want strength, strength, they do not really get them (it will be a secondary aspect);
but they will obtain others, such as spirituality, wisdom, love, refinement, high meanings; everyone finally gets what they want.

This means that the beings that we suggest that we should consider as the elite of humanity, they should not theoretically, have the opportunity, gain enough power or to control the human “crocodile”.

This is where some laws of manifestation come in that help us a lot.

First, it may not be that the crocodile is interested in him, he is in the puddle with him. Our lives may not intersect. If we bypass the pond, we have no problems with the crocodile, with the killing machine.

If, however, we need this resource, the following thing happens: human capacities have the power of control over the lower levels, the higher they are.

That is, the meanings, the emotions, control the intelligence that controls the thoughts, that controls the bioenergetic body, that controls the organs and the physical body.

The higher we develop a higher body, and that helps us to position ourselves (without wanting to do that) in humanity’s elite, the greater our ability to control more rudimentary areas.

We can culminate with spiritual awakening, with the awakened soul, with the essential and immortal Supreme Self,

Mahatma Gandhi

or culminating in the deified state, which can control anything if necessary.

So when we want and aspire to highs, we will be able to use a small part of those aspects to also acquire enough power in rudimentary areas.

An example is that man, a rather physically weak being, using his inteligence and state of consciousness that most people have in the waking state, has become the master of the planet.
He defeats any other animal being, not by his physical strength, but by the tools created with the help of intelligence.
And sometimes just by its mode of action, which in this way allows it to control in the end, any animal, even however powerful.

Here is an obvious demonstration in general in the physical plane, even at the level of survival and brute force.
Man, thanks to his intelligence and tools, is at the top of the trophic pyramid.
And among the people the same thing happens.

People who use and develop superior tools, such as:
  • the supramental body or intelligence
  • causal body or culture, meanings,
  • the spirit that cultivates awakening,

they can if necessary procure to build and use, with ingenuity and wisdom, tools that will allow him to control the “human crocodile”.

I suggest that you reflect on this opinion.
And if you find it true, I invite you to the necessary wise action, positioning you finally, naturally, in the true elite of humanity, from all points of view.


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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