Love or sex ?

Love or sex ?

How big is the difference between having sex and making love, or making love, and the tantric, authentic lovemaking?

When people have sex, or when animals have sex, only sexual interaction matters.

Can sex be liked?

Yes. Animals certainly like it too, not just humans;
there is an amount of pleasure, of joy in this activity, where the interest is exclusively in sexual activity or mainly in the sexual organs;
in the case of people, the body also matters to a certain extent.
It is a lower action, even for animals, of low vibration. Because of this and the results are pale.

When people have sex, they are only interested in body interaction, or even often, just the interaction of the sexual organs.

Many people even avoid touching with other parts of the body the other person and only perform the interaction of the sexual organs.
Sometimes he shows aversion and contempt for the person who offers his body to enjoy it.
This is the case for some of those who go to prostitutes.

What is it like when we make love or when we make lovemaking?

That’s when people really love each other. They then want to unite amorously and be one;
this is actually like a much deeper hug;

when we embrace ourselves, we would like to introduce the man we embrace into our hearts, into our core;

Embracing helps us to a certain extent, but on the other hand, if we also interact at the level of the sexual organs, this is much deeper.
In fact, all our organs are projected at the level of the sexual organs.
If the sexual organs “embrace”, then we, being projected at this level, feel that we embrace ourselves in a much more complete way than when we simply hug each other when we take ourselves in our arms.

At the same time, when people love each other, they identify with each other and even come to feel that they are the same being.
So we come to the tantric amorous union that leads us to spiritual realization, to deification, to absolute happiness, to eternity.

Moreover, when two people make love or especially when they realize the tantric amorous union, each sees in the other a divine being (some more, others less so);

But those who are advanced in this direction, relate in a supreme way to the other being.

Even if the other being is a man, who has his limits: he is older or less old, he is more beautiful or less beautiful, he has bodily imperfections, he has limits of any kind – of energy, of potency, of everything else – however, in a miraculous way,

the two feel that they each unite with a divine being, that is, with God.

This is actually the miracle of tantric amorous union, this is the direction and is a possible hocus-pocus in limited human manifestation when, although we are limited, we can live an unlimited state.

On this occasion, we will also note the following points:

– whether when we have sex it matters sexual strength and orgasm and the other attributes – pleasure in the case of sexuality, depends on the endowments

– If men make love, orgasm has a secondary importance; when it comes to the tantric love union, the importance of orgasm is even smaller, it can even be insignificant compared to what the 2 feel through love and identification at an essential level

The intensity, the quality, the refinement of the states that people have when they realize the tantric love union, or at least when they make love, can be a thousand, even a million more than in the case of people who only have sex (even if it is intense when they have sex); it is a “boost”, something that strongly develops the quality and intensity of human feelings; therefore, it is by far absolutely preferable to make love instead of sex, and thousands of times preferable to achieve tantric lovemaking than to have sex.


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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