If you don’t do yoga

If you don’t do yoga, you don’t have time. How so?

Do you remember the maxim that says: if you work you don’t have time to make money?

In my opinion, it is a good topic to reflect good to grasp the analogy in this statement and the fact that if you do not do yoga, you do not have time.

Or, more clearly: if you don’t do yoga, you live a little bit. How so?

1. On the one hand it is about “helicopter view“, a perspective that allows us to assess much easier what is good and what is bad, but to evaluate much better what is essential, what is worth it, what makes sense.

2. On the other hand, even if we do what we realize and feel that it makes sense, if we do not do yoga, we do not feel deep, we do not have depth and many times we do not have the intensity of living either.
Most people don’t realize it, because they have no way to make comparisons. At that moment, the man cannot easily notice the difference or the difference, even if he is a yogi, even if he has lived the state of yoga in the middle of life, he still does not realize it.

And then, it happens like this:

works hard to get compensation; strives to build a career, feeling or understanding that this career is the source of independence and opportunities to enjoy comfort.

Many even end up getting confused with their careers.

It is initially a necessary way to have independence and stability. It is, after all, part of a long-term plan. Long-term plans and make them wise people.
But at some point, because they don’t do yoga, people, not being able to sense what is essential and what is not, sink into the desire to succeed, to have a good image, to have visibility, to promote, to have a better position. seeming that these things are increasingly important bases for maintaining long-term stability and for achieving comfort.

What’s missing?

The story of stability is infinite.
People have the impression that they have to “grow” no matter how much.

That’s how rich people do it. It raises money. They know that there is no small and safe business.

And they also know that they have to constantly evolve and they are always acting for the development of their enterprise or their base.

But they don’t realize that, at some point, they gather enough resources that they can’t consume them, in multiple lifetimes, not just in the rest of their lives. They still continue to accumulate.

These things – the resources, the career, have no universal significance, except to the extent that they support our own purpose, our own sense of existence.

This should hold back at some point and direct the man’s effort in a wise way. Similarly, also in the idea of being able to add some fulfillment to their lives, people are looking for comfort, they are traveling, they are looking to enjoy services, spas, swimming pools and hotels, many others; they are looking to have fun.

The more they seek to do these, hoping that this will bring them fulfillment, they will find that it will bring them less and less fulfillment.

The larger the series and the more they focus on it, they find that these things bring them less and less fulfillment.

While if they do yoga, the same things bring them more and more fulfillment.

If you don’t do yoga, you don’t have time to live.

If you don’t do yoga, you don’t actually have time.

Or, if you don’t do yoga, you live a little bit.

Hearing these words, some people may have the following reaction:

Are you leaving me with this oriental stuff? What to see? If it wasn’t India, I couldn’t live…”

It’s not about that. Here the word yoga can generate a wrong impression, as if it is about something special, a passion of some…

In fact, yoga means to evolve inwardly, to become wise.
It means finding the way to live life at a high level.

Yoga means knowing the mechanisms of your personal psyche and using them to your advantage.
Yoga means not only wanting what is essential, but also understanding what is essential in your life.
That is, when you feel that you want an essence, when you ask yourself:

Okay, but something more fundamental, more important, more meaningful exists? Where is it? What is it? How do I find it?”

Is that true yoga?

Unfortunately, for a while, the word “yoga” is confused with a kind of sport with oriental flavor, made in tights by girls and sometimes by men. Or, this is a Western product offered instead of yoga.

This is not yoga! Yoga is what I have already said.

That is why we can understand that if we do not do yoga, we do not have time.

But if we do yoga, the inner arousal, including the mental, the wisdom of the gestures, the spontaneous minimalism that we feel to achieve in everything we do, leads us even without proposing, to the situation of having more and more time.

Not so much, but more and more time.

If we don’t do yoga, we don’t have time.

Or, if we don’t do yoga, we live a little bit.

Or, if we don’t do yoga, we live without quality.

Or, if we don’t do yoga, we live without intensity.


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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