It has been found that when the pH of the blood tends to the acidic or sour pH, many diseases develop that occur even just because of this one aspect.
At the same time, acidic blood is a favorable environment for the development of cancerous tumors.
Some diseases themselves generate acidity in the blood, so the principle of “a misfortune never comes alone” is manifested.
In other words, man has a health problem that stimulates the appearance of other health problems.

The acidity of the blood also gives us an unpleasant state, which is like a resonance with the pain.
Intuitively we can think of the acidic state of the blood as something quick, sour, attacking, it is corrosive – while the alkalinity of the blood is like something sweet, protective, not aggressive.

Negative effects: the acidity of the blood tends to generate the removal of calcium from the bones.

A highly acidic diet can lead to osteoporosis or certainly to the weakening of bones and teeth.
Of course, there are also in the alkaline direction excessive values that can hurt.

But in general, the diet of the so-called modern man, generates acidity in almost all situations, especially when we consume:
  • unhealthy foods with many fry
  • old, stale, tamasic foods (as they say in yoga)
  • heavy food, difficult to digest
  • foods that contain many food additives and that are much processed industrially.

When we manage to generate an improvement in this sense, the blood tends to become alkaline or even has an alkaline pH and helps us that immediately we feel better.
It improves the general state of health, and even harmonizes our weight: those who are fat manage to lose weight, the weak ones to fulfill themselves.

Alkaline diet tends to reduce inflammation

This is a very important thing.

People usually have many inflamed areas in the body.
It becomes so common that they end up living with inflammations and considering it as normal.

For a while, these inflammations do not have a very important effect but over time, many inflammations lead to cancer or other serious diseases.

If we have an acidic diet, an acidic pH of the blood, after consuming foods with an alkalizing effect, our state of health improves rapidly.
Effectively our body responds as if we have finally started to do the right thing.

The pH scale starts from 0 and reaches 14. Up to the value of 7 is we are talking about an acidic pH, between 7 – 14 we have an alkaline pH.
Basically, the neutral pH is even 7.

Water that has a pH of 7.7 is a slightly alkaline water, and 8.3 is significantly alkaline.

We can sense if we have a serious state of acidity in the body, if we check the pH of our urine.
We can buy ourselves a pH meter or we can buy that pH indicator paper that is inserted into the urine.
Depending on how the paper changes its color, we can figure out what pH the urine has.
If the urine is repeatedly acidic, it is a very clear sign that we need a regimen that will alkalize our blood.

Of course, this alcalnization doesn’t have to be as big as that either.

The first very simple idea is to use

baking soda food.

This is a substance of natural origin with many beneficial applications for our health.
Basically, when we introduce baking soda into the body and we have an acidic state, very quickly things tend to get better and we feel better. However, we must take into account several aspects, namely:

→ If we take a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water when we are hungry
, it means that it will meet with the hydrochloric acid in the stomach and react. That has a double negative effect:

  • on the one hand, sodium bicarbonate disappears, reacts chemically with gastric acid and no longer generates the alkalizing effect we wanted in the blood
  • on the other hand, hydrochloric acid which is a precious substance and which we need for digestion, is neutralized, and the body will need to produce another amount of hydrochloric acid

→ If we ingest the baking soda in the water immediately after eating, the gastric juices that contain acidity, are neutralized and digestion occurs difficult.

Then how to proceed?

It is necessary to take baking soda between meals, in a time when we are not hungry.

(hunger indicates the presence of hydrochloric acid) and about 2 hours after the last meal.

For an ALKALINE DIET, it is best to consume alkaline foods.

There are also some rules:

meat products and other foods of animal origin, tend to acidify the body.

It is good to emphasize the consumption of vegetables (which are generally alkaline).
Fruits usually have a certain amount of acidity (except for bananas which by far and obviously is alkaline).

We can also use a water with an alkaline pH (greater than 7).

Essential foods, recommended in the alkaline diet:

zucchini, bananas, millet, quinoa, spinach, celery, lettuce, endives, avocado, cabbage, kale, garlic, broccoli, fennel, soy, chia, cucumbers, parsley, arugula, cauliflower, algae, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, kiwi, pineapple, khaki, watermelon/ yellow, apricots, apples, citrus fruits (possibly generating an alkaline reaction in the body), nuts, onions, ginger, raisins, green peas, cherries, mangoes, grapes, berries, almonds, chestnuts, mushrooms, kohlrabi, radishes, nettles, eggplants.

Leo Radutz

founder of Abheda Yoga Academy

and the initiator of the Good OM Revolution


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