Are the bacteria "Bifidobacterium bifidum" in the yogurts and drugs so-called probiotics bacteria that come from the uro-genital tract?

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If this information is true, I think it should be known by as many people as possible in order to know what we are consuming and to get used to informing ourselves as well as possible before buying a new food, or a food improved with various "ingredients created in the laboratory".

This information is from the mail and given its seriousness, I consider it imperative to send it to you as such.
In contrast, I wanted to present you another article that would bring scientific arguments for consuming yogurts with probiotic bacteria, but an objective argumentation I have not yet found, these being brought only by the producers of such yogurts, or in advertising articles in the media.

Yogurt is produced exclusively by fermenting milk with the help of specific lactic acid bacteria.


Now we can hardly find such yogurts.

"Few people know what they eat. And fewer people read the packaging of what they eat. And even fewer people have notions of microbiology. Probiotic yogurts – the invention of American concerns – for example, contain bacteria that have never been used before in food. One of these bacteria is the species "Bifidobacterium bifidum"
These bacteria are actually usually found in the vaginal flora, in the rectum, and in the uro-genital tract, in the excrement of pigs and other animals. These bacteria are not present normally never in the thin intestines, in the stomach or in the mouth, except that the man has made direct contact with the above.

These bifid bacteria do not usually survive the acid in the stomach when they are ingestion so as not to perch the flora in the intestines, especially the thin one.

The concerns not only introduced them to us in yogurts, but they also genetically modified them to survive .....
You can read the rest of the article on the site :

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