Where do thoughts come from?

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Many times we find a “scroll” of thoughts in our minds, with unexpected thoughts, some related to our last concerns but many with no connection.

If we do not notice any connection, however, where do our thoughts “come” from?

Well, in our opinion they come from our mental, supramental and causal body, and there are thought forms stored there from time immemic, from this existence or from other existences.

They “float” in the mentioned bodies as objects float around the earth in weightlessness. From time to time some objects are drawn to the ground. and they become for a shorter or longer time, visible in the sky like meteorites. So certain thoughts drawn to our attention on the firmament of consciousness.

But what makes these appear today and not yesterday or otherwise?

There are several causes that make them appear, seemingly inexplicable..

1. Thoughts that have recently been “fed” with increased attention will tend to appear.

2. Thoughts that are connected with strong emotions or in connection with mental correlations or with instincts that concern us also have a tendency to manifest themselves.

3. Thoughts that have to do with certain karmic aspects that have been activated and manifest appear seemingly pointless, usually they are also related to the karmic recoil of some past facts.

4.Thoughts that are related to neurolinguistic appointments or habits of ours.

5. Occasional or permanent activations of some centers of force, energized or disturbed organs can attract specific thoughts.

6. Thoughts related to the thoughts mentioned above (!).

7. The thoughts that we consciously choose and empower through attention and concentration.

8. Thoughts inspired by the connection with the deep aspect of awakened consciousness and they are called by people, usually inspirations but represent, in fact, an increasingly deep connection with the Universal Truth.


The sovereign force of control of thoughts is, however, the awakened soul or even the essential Self and the most direct way to achieve this is the fundamental meditation
. There are, however, other pathways, also studied and applied in Abheda.

Leo Radutz

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