Are we conscious people or "animals with a human face"?

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Are we conscious people or "animals with a human face"?

There is a manual for manipulating large groups of people;

here it is stated that, although people may seem to be conscious beings, in order to easily lead them it is best to be treated as "cattle with a human face".
As a result, the manipulator will be successful.

The statement and indication is terrible and humiliating for people.
But we propose to analyze whether this indication has a grain of truth.

  • It is proposed to manipulate people as if they were addicted to their basic instincts:
    existence - food - comfort
  • reproduction - socialization - exteriorization
  • power-aggressiveness-domination
    These are corresponding to the basal experiences specific to the first three centers of force: Muladhara, Swadisthana, Manipura.

Are the theorists of Satanism right or are they aberrant?

Let's check the situation imaginary thinking that...
through a demiurgical power, instantly, to those who are currently in a crowded market in a large metropolis:

  • we would forbid them food, money and beautiful clothes
  • eventually, I isolate them from people of the opposite sex for a week or two.

What do you think would happen?

In our opinion, those beings, the civilized people of the 21st century, many of them cults and graduates of faculties, would transform in a short time - maybe even after 8 hours.
They could become superaggressive, selfish, hunters avengers of the resources of the one next to them and subject to the one who could offer them more in this regard.

So are we "cattle with a human face"?

Sure, it depends... it's "after college", as Moromete said.

However, if somehow the phrase bewildering and animalizing indignants you, when you surprise yourself by acting or reacting according to the description wake up - it means that "you are with a human face", but still powerless towards your instincts, like an animal.

A lot of people are like that.
even themselves, the theorists and practitioners of human manipulation (a good part of them).

Even more, man is able to pervert these instincts and behave in a "subanimal" way:

  • having sex with an inflatable doll or with fellows of the same sex (in the case of men),
  • eating much more food than he needs,
  • gathering much more material objects than it should
  • tormenting and abusing precisely those whom he is supposed to protect and others.
Are we conscious people or "animals with a human face"?

Even if it is an, their statement is true, as long as you are not determined to control your instincts as a conscious human being.

Is this possible?


For many people you can achieve impressive results even if they want with intensity and succeed outstanding performances in this field.
Others need training and training.
But almost all of them need to get out of ignorance and know that this self-control over their own instincts distinguishes them from animals.

Only in this way will there be some toys in the hands of destiny or the fierce groups of coplanners who will dominate over him.

Do you want to be free?
You have to deserve it!
Master your instincts and be aware
(even if sometimes it is not easy or pleasant)!

All authentic spiritual disciplines provide effective tools for man's spiritual elevation.

In our opinion, the discipline that most clearly explains this need and the methods by which this consciousness can be obtained is Abheda Yoga.
Abheda Yoga is the nondualist Yoga of spirituality in the midst of life

This method, art, and spiritual science allows for the perfect control of instincts and their use for spiritual evolution.

Almost nothing studies directly with such accuracy how man's degree of consciousness can be elevated, as Abheda Yoga does.
The Way of the Heart is an exceptional spiritual path and an essential solution to the scourge of this age: the dependence of people on their own instincts and vices.

There are moral and ethical rules yama and niyama here.
There is the transforming spiritual effort - the tapas.
But mostly, there was the state of consciousness cultivated in the middle of life.
In its presence, we spontaneously behave as wise beings, not as beings subject to instincts.

And there would be a lot more to say, but we would like to at least stick with this last idea:

it is not enough to imagine that we are aware!
We must also submit to direct practices.
They will clarify whether it is true or not and will tell us how aware we are.

An ounce of practice makes tons of theory!
The education received from parents and that in school may be appropriate to give children the wisdom to be masters of their own instincts.
Then, of course, for better means and superior results a teacher or master of yoga would be necessary. Anyone.
Almost no one is so capable of not needing progress.

These practices are necessary to anyone, whether they are enthusiastic about yoga or not.
Here is the key to the necessity of this discipline and that is why it is so appreciated all over the world.
The theorists of Satanism may not be right, it is, in fact, a choice of each of us.
The alternative is slavery, so , choose consciousness!
If you do not want the "baddies" to be right, if you do not want to be "cattle with a human face" you are invited to live your life consciously.
That is, to be alive and happy through a spiritual perspective on life.

Abheda Yoga.


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution


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