How people are tricked into doing actions that unknowingly bring them into Satanism

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Satanism is not about worshipping Satan. And this is what even the “specialists” say (although his adoration is not excluded, if desired, especially for practical reasons, in order to obtain his support for the fulfillment of certain desires).

Satanism means “only” the worship of one’s own ego.

Therefore, for a Satanist, the most important day is the day when he was born, because that is when his god was born – his ego or his ephemeral personality, which is different from the soul or the Self.

It is, in fact, “just” an identification error.

How are people tricked into doing actions that unknowingly bring them into Satanism?

This is achieved by guiding them in order to relate exclusively to the ego and not to the soul or to the Self.

Poor people are advised to give them an inner strength or this u is only supporting in the ego – an awkward solution that leads to lack of real power, creativity, leads to rigidity and lack of authenticity.

The ego is a false center of being that

assign their shares, and

it has the property of increasing if we identify with it.

As it grows larger, the inner attention of the being in question becomes more and more ego-centered, no longer managing to hear the “voice” of the soul or of the inner common sense, which thus becomes less important compared to the impulses coming from the ego.

The ego induces a strong need for magnification and affirmation because the beings in question feel, unconsciously,

that they “bet” on a false value,

but they are acting, in this situation , that at least this false value may offer as much satisfaction as possible.

People with awakened souls do not feel, subconsciously, the impulse to assert in any way their condition,

because they feel it’s authentic and they don’t need anything else.

It’s as if you’ve found an exceptional genuine treasure that meets any of your desires, no one can take it from you, and you don’t need an outward affirmation or in someone’s eyes anymore.


In other words, whoever centers in the ego will also perform actions that are obviously unfavorable to him but that the person in question performs with intensity, because he does not perceive what for common sense would be obvious.

Another aspect that the ego induces is desire.

Beings centered in the ego will manifest a reduction in overflowing creativity the more deeply they are anchored in their false center and will replace the creativity manifested in any field of life with the assembly of aspects thought, created, realized by others or found, simply in nature. Satanist will not be able to be beautiful (from within), but he will be able to hire someone to manifest the beautiful… etc. Sometimes this helplessness is presented by them in an appealing way as the difference between creators or creator and… architects, that is, assemblers.

The desires of a being centered in the ego are many and varied, hoping (unconsciously or consciously) that, by satisfying them, they will replace the lack of authenticity and perenniality of the values. So much so that desires do not offer too lasting satisfaction and the one in question quickly feels the need to replace one desire with another, in order to benefit as often as possible from the satisfaction that is not sustainable.

An uninitiated man may regard the fleeting satisfaction resulting from the satisfaction of an unspiritual desire as happiness.
Well, this satisfaction is of the nature of immutable divine happiness, but it is a pale form that
it does not give completeness, and
that is not sustainable.

But before this is obvious to him, it may be a very long time or even a lot of incarnations.

Yes, there are desires that lead to the authentic.

These are the desires towards values that are immutable, everlasting, that are not subject to becoming, such as the aspiration (desire) towards spirituality.

Always when the object of desire is an aspect that is subject to becoming and transforming, the one who aspires to this aspect will surely suffer, as another face of a coin that has on the first face the satisfaction of the fulfillment of the reepctive desire.

Always when the object of desire is an immutable, eternal aspect, which is not subject to becoming, the aspiration to it will gradually generate access to eternal happiness and spiritual realization.

Satanism seeks to orient man towards the satisfaction of desires towards objects of desire that are not the Self, towards objects of outer desire, and this is difficult for the one in question to perceive if he is not initiated or has not an already high spiritual level.

An example here is the foundation of human economic life on consumerism, where the fulfillment of people’s desires for consumption is presented as an engine of society.

For many the error is hard to notice, because well-being and comfort appear, but

the search for “values not consumed” is usually lost,

such as authentic spiritual ones, soul or love and common sense.

Due to the fact that these aspects of Satanism can be very refined and masked by well-being, comfort, they may seem to have a certain brilliance, which can fool the neophyte.

Thus, there are an incredibly large number of people in society who sincerely follow this “path” and who, even, can show a certain refinement, intelligence, inner strength, culture (e.g. www.adepț

Brilliance can take the eye, social success can be fascinating and man may think that the value to which he has adhered is good.

The aspiration to authentic values and social success are perfectly compatible

If you put God first, all the others will be offered to you on top of that.”

but if one aspires only to the values of the ego, the paradox is that even these he does not really have, that is, they are hard to obtain, most often with compromises of conscience, and even if they bring satisfaction, they do not bring the expected satisfaction.

Often these fulfillments of ego values are followed by events that subject us to painful tests and trials (losses, diseases, etc.).

Always, in order to be successful in the spiritual integration of the surrounding world, you must

to go through the Self to the World and NOT through the World to the Self

(or through God to the World and not through the World to God).

Satanism is a perspective based on dualism:

– that is, they consider both God and Satan to have two essential and equally powerful poles of manifestation and it would be enough to choose one of them – Satan being considered “the Prince of this world”

– they consider that it would not be true that everything can be found in the Self, by revealing the real nature of the essential inner identity, but that the fulfillment will be found only externally, in limitation, in fleeting values: they do this out of ignorance, not knowing or unwilling to know that the joy we might have from something outside is proportional to the “closeness” to our living soul, towards the Supreme Self Atman – the structure known by yogis to be the essentially everlasting, unchanging center and the source of the authentic within us.

For this reason, the nondualist perspective of transcending the polarity of opposites and of permanent reference to divine transcendence is, for Satanists, the greatest danger, because, no longer being in a world of opposites, the ephemeral and dual values of Satanism become null and void.

Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia on Satanism.
” Satanism is a religion based on the Satanic Bible and the philosophy of the Church of Satan, founded by Anton Szandor LaVey (in fact, he is just one of the official sheriffs of

the Assumed Fall Path

In this religion Satan becomes a positive symbol, archetype of selfishness.

Although it is associated in popular culture with rituals that have violence and cruelty in the foreground, the philosophy of the Satanic Church is based on the following characteristics:

Fundamental individualism, based on the Nietzschean concept that the individual is solely responsible for his life and that he must rise above the perceived conformity of the masses to find a way in life. In this sense, with Satanism influenced by libertarianism, LaVey declares that “Satanists are born not made… they have a disease called independence.” Satanists also disregard religions that have a “subservience” to a god (such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, etc.).
The symbol of Satan – in the Satanist religion is not a god, but only a symbol for god, who in turn is also performed and satisfied by the Satanist himself. LaVey proposes that all gods are creations of believers and that in this way the worship of the gods is by extension, the veneration of the creator of these gods (the believer).

One dogma of Satanism is, “I am my god.”

The most important event in the satanic calendar is the birthday of the “believer”, which also represents the birth of his “god”. A surprising fact about Satanism is that Satan, perceived as a “devil” in popular culture, is not revered, being considered only a literary archetype that is an example of opposition to humility and faith. In the Satanist religion, the cult of the ‘devil’ is seen as merely a poorly-understood reversal of Christianity.”

“Satanism is divided into three main categories:

* Traditional Satanism that asserts that the roots of Satanism stem from Ancient Egypt.
* Rebellious Satanism that says Satan needs a dead cat, a desecrated tomb, a cut on the hand of the 17-year-old or a perfect ritual performed in grotesque conditions.
* Modern Satanism that promotes the individual and not the fact that man is “insignificant, weak and dependent on the supernatural”.” They believe that belonging to the supernatural, and implicitly to a Church, implies far too much trouble given that “Nothing is real (All is allowed)” (Phil Hine, The Magic of Chaos). The Modern Satanist does not deny the work of our ancestors as a fanatic would, but he embraces every valuable idea, culture and magic, but refuses to be governed by the laws of a “prehistoric” (e.g., Jesus).

Satanist rituals affirm the power of the satanic symbol in the intelligence, cleverness and culture of the individual.

Satan’s veneration is not an essential part of Satanism. You don’t have to worship Satan to be a Satanist. The idea behind Satanism is to become as good as possible (especially in relation to others) and to do what makes you happy and entertains you. As long as you follow the Satanist path in life, you can call yourself a Satanist.

Satanism is the worship of oneself. The term “Satanist” was first attributed in the Middle Ages to all people who had a different religion from the Catholic one. It was a term used to describe those who worshipped another god, those who worshiped the earth, nature, themselves, or whatever was not Christian.

They say that Satan was created by other religions to give a definition of all that is “evil.” This “devil” was created to represent the so-called sins of men. According to these religions, Satan represents destruction.

On the other hand, they say it is another ego of Satan, called God. Like Satan, God has many names, depends on religion and period. This God represents all that is good in men, all the good things I can do for others. This God should represent creation.

For a Satanist, Satan is nothing more than a force of nature. Satan is not considered a deity. This force is considered the dark side of nature. This “dark side” does not necessarily represent (for them) evil, but only an unexplored part of nature. Satanism does not require the veneration of Satan, it does not require you to even believe in a deity. It’s up to the individual to choose which level suits them best.”


Notice that having such a definition, about what is offered today in society with apparent candor as the solution is, above all, … Satanism.

Things are presented with a lot of skill and, if you are not prepared and … you watched a lot of TV, Satanism seems, in this presentation, a “fragrant flower”.

For example, “humanism,” which seems like a word with beneficial meanings, actually means putting man at the center of the universe as the unique measure of the turmoil of things. Quite difficult to obervate, at first sight, that this perspective neglects the Self and the Creator, instituting materialism-dialectically, totally subject to the outer senses: what I do not see and experience, objectifying with the help of beings external to me and with measuring devices, does not exist.”

This perspective can no longer raise man above his human needs that would be required to be satisfied, it can no longer reveal to him the Soul Miracle that can only be found inside and then on the outside only corresponding to the inner realization.

Inevitably leads him, later or earlier, to a demoniac or satanic state, with everything that flows from it

Many notorious people in the official culture would have great difficulty explaining why there would be something wrong with this aberrant current of ideas. And this is because too few have the necessary notions to understand that it is not the case to spend your life “like a Satanist”, that is, like a man for whom the greatest value is his own satisfaction or pleasure (the so-called social need), centered in ego and pursuing victory, often regardless of the consequences.

The reason why Satanism is wrong, even dressed in these holiday clothes, is the fact that it deftly hides a fundamental truth, valid for any human being:

the ego is not an authentic center of being, and, as long as they are focused on it, considering it the supreme center, the essential value, the inner guide, then, apart from the fact that we will not have an authentic inner guide but a false one, we permanently feel a burning “thirst” – the need to affirm the “value” of this inner structure that is the “ego”.

That is, “let’s give ourselves big.”

This is because, instinctively, we feel that we do not rely on the authentic value, on the true source of any happiness, wisdom, of any common sense or intelligence, which is our inner Self, but on a counterfeit copy, a lifeless caricature, which is the ego.

Feeling, even unconsciously, this, the man in question will desperately seek to convince himself that his choice was good, for example, seeking to “give himself great” in front of other people and will try in a way and face to obtain true happiness, completeness, meaning of life amplifying the false values of the ego.

Thus appear the reality shows in which someone shows us every second of his human life to see how “valuable” he is, appears the clothes of the fistichii or the “scintillating” cars, huge organizations and empires, weapons and armies, entertainments in foodie clubs, drugs and drunks, as well as huge or impressive funerary monuments through other aspects. But all these efforts are doomed to failure because what they offer to the person in question does not last. The mind will immediately want another satisfaction and then another and then another one, indefinitely.

The ego is not a negative thing if it is only an instrument in the hand of the Self, or at least in the hand of the awakened soul, but if the only element or value is the ego, the spiritual fall is the “monument” of this value.

No matter how intense it may be a pleasure of a drug or the joy of a victory or possession of an empire, it passes. And then, again, it will be necessary to look for something else and something else, because the ego needs to assert its “value”, and, as its joys are pale because of time, it will seek to collect as many and “big” as possible.

Instead, if you seek to seek the authentic value in your being, gradually or in a flash, the soul will awaken and accepting the state of revelation of the Supreme Self from the being, the divine spark within us, that which is alive and authentic in us, then, instantly, we no longer feel any need to say something externally, only it takes no recognition from the outside, for we feel that every value, joy, satisfaction, love, miracle, happiness come from our supreme individual Self, the divine spark, which is one with God or the supreme consciousness.

And because when the Truth comes in, the ego comes in, and when the Truth comes out, the ego comes in.

Abheda Yoga proposes solutions and puts the point on the i in this cofusion related to the identification or trasncenderea of the ego.

A real solution is:

– reference to eternal, immutable values: God, Self, soul, spirituality, love

– dedicating resources to help and doing good, understanding that being able to help and having someone to help is a privilege

– avoiding the relation to the duality of polarities and orien

the judgment in transcendence to the Supreme Consciousness
– spiritual awakening

– living life, with all its events, as an ineffable spiritual path, realizing as often and even permanently as possible, the relation to our spiritual Heart, to the consciousness of the Self, to God.

– cultivated and spiritualized love

– cultivating spiritual practices and engaging with harassment on an authentic spiritual path

– cultivation of spiritual virtues.


Leo Radutz
Abheda Yoga Academy
Bucharest 01. December.2009
copyright 2009

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