Don’t “let” whatever happens…

Don’t “let” whatever happens…

Some people are misunderstanding, illogical

and selfish:

Love them and so on!

If you do well, people may

blame you for hidden and selfish interests:

Do well though!

If you are a successful man, you will have

false friends and real enemies:

Still be a successful man!

The good you do today can be forgotten


Do the good, though!

Honesty can make you vulnerable:

Be honest though!

The greatest people, with the greatest ideas,

can be knocked down

by the smallest

and fewest-minded people.

Ponder with greatness, however!

What you build in years can be

destroyed overnight:

Build though!

If you find peace and happiness,

people can be jealous…

Be happy anyway!

People really need help, but they

can hit you if you help them:

Help them and forgive them though!

Give the world your best, whatever


Give, whatever happens!

Love, whatever happens!

Don’t “let” whatever happens…

It helps, whatever happens!

Build, whatever happens!

“He who sows in blessing, in

blessing, will also reap …


god loves him who gives willingly.”

And after all, it’s between you and


Love one another, love each other much!

Do the good though !

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