Before I was a real leaver when it came to relationships

My name is Lucian Iancu.
When I was in high school, around the age of 18, a desire to know the unknown began to appear in me, so I started looking…
Over the years, I have attended courses of:
Inforenergetics (1 year),
ATIH (designed by Drunvalo Melchizedek),
PSY-IT courses held by Albert Ignatenko.
I practiced hermetism
at first by myself (from the book Initiation in Hermetism) and then I was a student (through online) at a school that teaches this.

All these courses had their diamonds, bigger or smaller, I learned from each one and they helped me grow… but they all pale in comparison to the things that Abheda Yoga has offered me and offers me.

The first thing I got was courage in love.

Before I was a real leave when it came to relationships, finding all kinds of mental excuses… but through Abheda Yoga I managed to get this quality and, as a result, I met a wonderful girl.

I learned about the continent and the fact that sexual energy should not be wasted, which was and is extremely beneficial for me.

I gained more confidence in myself, I started to stop getting upset, to stop arguing, to realize when I was wrong and to be able to apologize when I do.

I’ve become more detached, I don’t worry anymore when I don’t have one thing because I know it’s not up to me alone, I understand that being worried means not trusting God.

I am calmer, the inner peace has increased and continues to grow, my connection with what I consider to be God is growing and I can say with conviction that I have found my way and it is up to me at what speed I am going through it.

Because of this path (Abheda Yoga) and the wise and loving guidance of the teacher, I feel that every day is a blessing.

I understand that the outside is just a catalyst and that happiness comes from within and…. not infrequently – I’M HAPPY!

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