Why do more and more real men practice yoga?


Yoga was revealed several thousand years ago by the wise Rishi and practiced as much, especially by men.
In today’s society yoga is often understood as a sport practiced especially by women in tights.
However, authentic yoga (such as Abheda yoga) is a science of life, not just a banal method of relaxation.

Abheda Yoga offers nondualistic, traditional, effective techniques and methods for amplifying and refining masculinity.

Here are some reasons why any man should practice Abheda yoga:

Yoga harmonizes the physical body

Asanas (body postures) and Kryrs (exercises in motion) are a part of traditional yogic practice. These, in addition to the wonderful effects on more subtle bodies, harmonize and tone the physical structure.
Also, the harmonization of the physical body comes from the changes that occur in the bioenergetic body, in the field lines. These will then also be observed in the physical body.

Society deludes us to believe that if we arrange the outside beautifully we can hide what is inside, or that that would be enough… to take care of the appearance of the physical body.
It is also important, especially the aspects related to the hygiene of the body.
But… especially in the case of men, masculinity is related to the inside (then also reflected on the outside).
You can not “fool” by going to the gym or wearing beautiful clothes.

Amplifies the power of being a good leader

Being a good leader is a necessary quality for men. Even if at work he does not occupy a leadership position, the man must know how to act as a genuine leader in the family and in society. And especially, on oneself, manifesting inner stability and willpower.
Abheda yoga teaches us how to act to be good leaders and offers us techniques and methods to amplify the qualities of a good leader:

  • stabilitate
  • voință, curaj, fermitate,
  • putere realizatoare,
  • iubire și…
  • Mai ales COMPASIUNE! Un bun lider își ajută semenii cu orice ocazie

A man who practices yoga, who has become a leader, does not have to prove his strength. His true power becomes evident in difficult times.
The decisions they make and how those decisions are implemented are a reflection of who they really are.

Removes stress

Through Abheda yoga we gain inner peace and a state of calm that allow us to be more and more efficient and better in what we do.
At the same time, inside us we will be less and less affected by the external agitation.

Significantly improves sex life and amplifies virility

In the courses at Abheda, those who reach the second course have the opportunity to participate in the Courses of Adi Tantra – Primordial Tantra.
Here, among other things, men can learn the mysteries of practicing Arohana – sexual continence.

He also learns how to perfect his dharma of being a man, to honor his own archetype with which he was born.

Dynamizes inner fire and power of action

Practicing Abheda yoga we dynamize and harmonize subtle centers – chakra.
The third center of force, Manipura – the center of will and courage controls and subtle fire, the power to manifest firmness, to impose our willpower, power of action and self-confidence. These, among other things, are qualities necessary for a man, in order to be able to feel, manifest, and to be perceived as masculine.

The structural state of a strong man instantly gives stability and confidence to others, and things take on a meaning.

The man who practices yoga is authentic, “from a piece”. He is modest, humble, kind and gentle not because he is weak but because he is the strongest.

Amplifies the power to love

And it offers a clarification and a superior understanding on this subject, which men often avoid, mistakenly believing that love makes you weaker or that it brings suffering.

A man who constantly practices yoga, will not be able to manifest, fortunately, the attitude of a misogynist, because he understands the woman. He will be able to show love and understanding, empathy. The yogi male perceives more the miracle that comes through the woman and will manifest a corresponding attitude.

Amplifies the power of seduction and fascination of the opposite sex

Many of the techniques energize the aura and strengthen it, giving the man personal charm and a special glow.
In addition, at the group of amplification and refinement of masculinity, which is organized within the school, specific techniques are taught to amplify the power of seduction and fascination. Here we can understand with to develop and support wonderful couple relationships.

Abheda yoga helps to understand deeper, complete life from the authentic, non-dualistic perspective

Abheda yoga helps us to connect to the soul, to be more and more ourselves, authentic, natural.
Moreover, here life is explained, with all that it contains, from the authentic, nondualist perspective.
We understand Universal laws, how we perceive them in our lives, and we learn how we can integrate yoga in the middle of life .
We also understand how since then when we change something inside, the outside also changes, but vice versa, much less or almost not at all. We finally understand the intimate, perfect connection between the inside and the outside.

Because just as more and more real men practice Abheda Yoga, so in the polar opposite case:

more and more exceptional women practice Abheda Yoga.

Ele știu să aprecieze masculinitatea autentică!


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