… life lived me like the uncaring wind blowing a leaf.

Irina Enache… Actress… my story begins exactly 4 years ago.

I was living awful moments.
My father had died. There was no chance of work to be seen.
Needless to mention here the lack of money.
I didn’t love, I wasn’t loved…

Finally, I now realise that it would have been impossible.

I was smoking… in excess, not anyway.
I would spend all my nights in the pubs (I almost don’t even want to remember) and then I would spend all my days trying to wake up.

A kind of depression, mixed with moments of hatred, anger (directed against anyone, but especially against God) and despair.
Perhaps the latter is the one that saved me.

In this terrible despair, I felt acutely the need to believe in something!!!
(that is, to find meaning in what seemed, for now, meaningless or… even aberrant).

It was awful to have nothing I could relate to.

Simply… life lived me like the uncaring wind blowing a leaf.

Therefore, one afternoon when I woke up around 3 pm (that was the usual time of waking up ), I searched for something on the internet.

I don’t even remember what, it’s not important anymore.

The search displayed as the first result Abheda Yoga.

I found it interesting, given that I was looking for something else entirely.
The idea of yoga had attracted me in the past, but I had never had the courage to try, living by some preconceptions and being a comfortable person by nature.

I entered the site, I leafed the articles… and I called.

A man replied to me, the one who was to be my master and the one who still plays great importance in improving my life on all its levels.

I asked if I could sign up, he said yes and as such I went to try that too… for I was also thinking… about what I have to lose ?

And I went to the first course, skeptical and almost certain that I would not come back a second time.

I just kept coming back… another 4 years since then.
And I hope I’ll be back every day of my life… with God’s help.

In the first course… I felt something, I didn’t know what it was back then, but in time I found out.

It was a warmth, a light and a love… and it’s like a sweetness.

And they were all mixing up… and I somehow felt like I had been recent, I felt as if I had returned HOME after years and years.

When I remember those first moments, a lump is put in my throat and tears streaming down my face. Even now when I’m writing.

And when I think that I was so close to losing all these wonderful things…

And when you think that sometimes you are only one step away from the sublime happiness or, on the contrary, from the most excruciating fall …

And from that moment on, my life transformed, it lit up. Everything has changed.
I changed my entourage, which was not the brightest.

I started working,

to receive roles, and to be able to carry them out because of divine grace,

I became a vegetarian.

I am no longer a jealous person,

as I used to be,

I became firmer

and I gave up the stupid hubris that prevented me from understanding certain precious lessons.
And these are just a few of the wonders.

I’m sorry I don’t have a picture from that period. There is a great physical transformation.
My face has lit up, it has become more beautiful, sometimes I feel like I’m radiating. And that’s what I’m told, not what I imagine…

I held on to Abheda Yoga with tenacity and I managed to feel the Kundalini intensely and… I felt blessed for its effects.

After a long time, I finally found my soul. And I learned to love again. And to understand. And to forgive.
And now, I get every day as a miracle.

And I thank the practice of Abehda Yoga and Acharya Leonard (the yoga master) for the special world she showed me. A world I didn’t know about and didn’t think existed.

But the most important thing I feel I have achieved through the practice of Abheda Yoga is regaining faith in God. Totally and unconditionally…

P.S. I feel the need to add: do not think that I am a “mystical”! I’m talking about God here because it’s a moment of deep truth and in the hope that I can help others. This exhibition is not common to me, and the aspects of faith refer to the deep meaning of life that I found myself practicing Abheda Yoga (which should not be confused with any religion).

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