The significance of Brahma muhurta - the mysterious moment before sunrise

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Brahma muhurta is defined as that special time period that bodes well for waking up in the morning. According to Ayurvedic science, this period of time is between 04:24 and 05:11 being known as Brahma muhurta.

Rishi or the ancient teachers called this time as Amrit Bela or the time of the necatr.

The yogic masters, the sannyas, the aspirants, all those engaged in the spiritual evolution begin their meditations in this mysterious moment, sending their high vibrations to the whole world and blessing it. That's why it's so easy to meditate during this time frame, almost without any effort.

Also Ayurvedea defines this period as being dominated by Vata dosha.

Braha muhurta is calculated about an hour and a half before sunrise. At this moment, the ozone that is necessary for the human body, exists in full in the atmosphere. It is also the time when pollution is reduced to a minimum, being therefore favorable for starting daily activities.

The peaceful and pure atmosphere mainly sattva-ica has a wonderful effect on the body and mind. So each of us should go to Braha muhurta to get the most out of the qualities of this moment.

Moreover, it has been proven that people who wake up early in the morning turn out to be more successful than others. This is because they become more productive and solve their tasks more efficiently and quickly, compared to those who wake up later in the morning.


The benefits of waking up in the morning in the brahma muhurta time interval

  • Braham muhurta is the best time to practice meditation and self-analyze.
  • Early morning is also the moment when we cannot pray – it is said that the prayers made at this time reach God directly.
  • It is said that the wind that blows from the north that south during Brahma muhurta charges the body with amazing energy.
  • Braham muhurta makes people more inspired and motivated when they start a new day.
  • Those who wake up in the morning can breathe the pure air of the morning, and the ambiance is clean and unpolluted, conducive to performing pranayama exercises.
  • During this time, various catalytic, physical, chemical and biological reactions take place in the atmosphere, which help improve the well-being of people.
  • It also produces the optimization of different physiological functions of the body, especially those related to hormonal variations.
  • It helps to increase the body's resistance and energy reserves.
  • If you get up at the same time every day, your body will adapt and not only will it be easier for you to get up in the morning, but you will also feel tired in the evening and fall asleep earlier.
  • Through this discipline of early morning awakening, in the interval called brahma muhurta, one can obtain knowledge of the divine nature of the universe, and a state of eternal happiness and joy is achieved.

Considering the multiple benefits of awakening in this mysterious moment, before sunrise, it is preferable to include it in our daily tapas, in order to be able to savor and receive the pure energies that exist then, using this moment to achieve an evolutionary leap in our consciousness.



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