Can one live without water and food?

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Can one live without water and food?

Shocking proof for skeptics: a yogi has not eaten or drank anything for 70 years
It seems that an 83-year-old yogi from India has spent more than 70 years without drinking water and without eating.
He says that a goddess blessed him when he was eight years old and has been living without food ever since.
The yogi Prahlad Jani , originally from Gujarat, was admitted to a hospital in Ahmedabad for a series of medical tests and observation.
Two cameras were installed in his room at the hospital, which operated 24 hours a day.
In addition, a mobile room followed him when he came out of the ward, explained neurologist Sudhir Shah, who was part of the team.
The ascetic was scanned by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
His brain and heart activity was measured with electrodes and he also underwent blood tests.
The tests lasted between 15 and 20 days. While in the hospital, the ascetic did not drink a drop of water, did not feed himself and did not go to the toilet.
Prahlad was supervised with both human guards and cameras.

The institute where the yogi was hospitalized is part of the research and development organization of the Indian Ministry of Defense.
This institute manufactured, in 2009, grenades filled with chilli, used to remove the demonstrators.
“These observations will shed little light on human survival in conditions of lack of water and food,” said Dr. G. Ilavazahagan, director of the National Defense Institute, physiology department.
The specialist said that medical tests could help develop survival strategies in the case of:

  • of natural disasters
  • of extreme stress conditions
  • space missions to the Moon or Mars

“When scanning we should understand what energy is that allows him to live,” the doctor was quoted as saying.
He noted that the soldiers could benefit from the results of the analysis of the survival capacity of the ascetic.

“Jani says she’s meditating to have energy.

The yogi states that he receives a subtle invisible food that appears inside his body in the area above the palatine veil – “in the roof of his mouth”.

It is the so-called secret energy center (which everyone has) that has the name of Soma Chakra or subtle “moon”;
at the physical level even appears a fluid secretion that usually reaches the stomach.
We can make this fluid called soma or divine nectar not reach the stomach.
We aim for the divine nectar to be taken up in some way (for example, at the level of the language).
In this way, it produces certain unusual effects: deep meditation, regeneration, rejuvenation.

It is not matter that keeps us alive, but the energy that we access through the resonance that is produced in our being due to the fact that we eat.

If we can access this energy in another way, food or water is no longer needed.

To get such a way of feeding

a conscious training and a choice that is not common to ordinary beings is necessary.

This is not the only amazing case that is found even by science in which a man can live without water and food. Among the best known is the German nun Therese Neumann.
In addition to not eating, she regularly lost up to two liters of blood, when christ stigmas manifested on her body. However, the nun had no health problems.

There are more and more cases when certain people no longer need physical food (they are called autotrophs).
An interesting case is of the elderly woman from India met by master Paramahamsa Yogananda, who no longer needed to eat in order to live.

She recounted, however, that the master who initiated her in the secret process forced her not to disclose it.

This is because
The Creator wants most beings on Earth to need food, so that…

the process of procuring it to subject them to many tests and help them transform and evolve spiritually.

This is the authentic perspective of the lived life of a spiritual path of the one who understands that living is important, but decisive is how you live.

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