Traditional agricultural crops without chemical fertilizers and pesticides are the asset of our health!

“Everything that man eats is also determined by the quality of the fertilizers that farmers use to fertilize their land.” this communiqué that appeared in America in March 1973 belonged to doctors of aeronomic sciences and researchers at the University of Morgantown in West Virginia – Robert F. Keefer and Rabinder N. Singh who believed that it had found novelty should be made public.

The two professors state that they have noticed, during thorough and often repeated experiences, which exclude the risk coefficient, that the minerals present in fodder maize or in the food maize, which are also in minute quantities and recognized as having a decisive importance in the diet of man and animals, are in a sharp decrease, a fact with consequences that could prove catastrophic, and this because of the huge quantities of chemicals with which the earth is systematically poisoned. Naturally, this discovery came a little late, but it had an undeniable merit: it was formulated by voices of high scientific authority.

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