CANCER CAN BE CURED ! – the dialogue with Mr. Stoian Ilea who, with God’s help, defeated cancer

On February 22, 2011, I received an extraordinary account from Mr. Stoian Ilea.

I’ll give you what I found out and I wish I could convey to you the determination, the optimism and the power that came out of the voice on the phone.

“In March 2010 I was diagnosed with non-Hodkin’s lymphoma cancer.”

He was operated on in April 2010 and his spleen and half of the pancreas were removed, following the operation it was found that the stomach and colon were affected.

After the surgery, the chemotherapy sessions began, and about 3 weeks after the surgery under the guidance of a teacher from Radauti, a natural treatment based on (…)


Poultice recipe with clay and cabbage juice:

The juice of cabbage squeezed from fresh cabbage is mixed with a tablespoon of natural honey and then homogenized with clay until a soft paste is obtained (of the consistency of a sour cream) and that can easily spread on the skin in the area of diseased organs. The quantities are depending on the surface on which the poultice stretches.

Spread the poultice on the bonava area and brush that place with food foil or gauze, change every 3 hours, during the night you can keep the poultice and remove the next day. The poultice once removed is discarded because it accumulates toxins from the body and especially from the diseased area. In this regard he gave me the following example:
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