Chakras: secret centers of force

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Chakras: secret centers of force

In the subtle structure of the human being there are 7 energetic zones, 7 complex fundamental systems that include all possible human experiences. These subtle organs are known as chakras ( centers of force or foci of power).
7 chakras or main centers of force are described.

Each main center has two projections on the spine – one in the front and the other in the back. Exceptions are the first and last, which have a single projection (because they are in the ends).
In addition, each center has a structure made up of demarcated areas called petals and a polarity plus-minus -yin-yang – Sun Moon – right-left.
Chakras have the role of connecting the being instantly, when awakened and consciously controlled, with an infinity of energies of manifestation from the entire Universe.

These secret centers of force can be felt by any human being, regardless of whether they are on a spiritual path or not.
But a strong and harmonious structure will help us enormously in our spiritual path and in order to have health and a beautiful and fulfilled life.
In order to harmonize the human being, it is necessary to dynamize and harmonize all the 7 centers of force.

That’s why part of the spiritual training in Abheda Yoga is for

the control, activation and harmonization of these centers of force, which generate extensive transformations and purifications in our being and in our lives.

Abheda Yoga is also a discipline through which we amplify the control in our being in order to obtain the desired results.
You can’t get results if we don’t have control.

For example:
  • an artist’s ideal is to learn the miracle
  • the desire of an athlete is to fortify his physical body
  • the ideal of a scientist is to know the limits of the universe, and so on…
About the “opening” of the chakras

The so-called opening of a chakra-e is, in fact, a powerful activation of a chakra-e that usually exists and is dismanaged, anyway, at some level in a human being.
On the axis of the centers of force (of the 7 chakras), depending on the frequency of vibration, we have the lower centers and the upper centers.
The more harmonious and strong the higher the chakras, the greater our arousal and the more special the refinement of our feelings is.
All seven centers are important, irreplaceable, but special attention is important to have for Muladhara, Anahata and Sahasrara.
However, it is important to “work” on all the centers of force, otherwise the development would no longer be complete.

Colors corresponding to the centers of force

There is NO direct correspondence between each center and the colors of the ethereal aura (as the West erroneously indicates the ROGVAIV spectrum from the bottom up)!
The feelings on several centers are in reality related to one color or another.
For example, even ordinary people say when they are angry that they “see red before their eyes” (and not yellow as is the general empirical meaning for Manipura).

Here is a brief presentation of the 7 chakras or secret centers of force, their essential characteristics and the place where they are realized inside and outside the physical body, in the subtle plane:


It is located at the base of the spine, between the anus and the sex (in the subtle, energetic plane) with the lowest vibration frequency of all the seven main centers of force.
Specific etheric or pranic color – clay-yellow
Attributes: source of life, vitality.
Muladhara has to do with the nose, the sense of smell and the animal instincts, especially the conservation instinct.
It is the seat of the infinite fundamental energy of being – kundalini Shakti.


It is located above the sexual organs, in the subtle plane.
Specific etheric or pranic color – silver
Swadhistana has to do with language and sense of taste.
Attributes: sexual energy, creative power, social mimicry. It controls the desires, that is why it is very important to dynamize and harmonize this
center of force to have a strong spiritual aspiration.


It is located in the area of the solar plexus, in the subtle plane.
Attributes: solarity, expansion, willpower, dynamism.
Manipura has to do with the eyes and the sense of sight.
Specific etheric or pranic color – red


It is located in the area in the middle of the chest, the heart in the subtle plane.
Attributes: affectivity, harmony, altruism, love.
Anahata has to do with skin and the sense of touch
Specific etheric or pranic color – blue


It is located in the neck area, in the subtle plane.
Attributes: refinement, intuition, elevation, sublime experiences, pure consciousness, inspiration.
Vishuddha has to do with the sense of hearing and the activity of the vocal cords, pharynx and esophagus, as well as bone marrow
Associated etheric or pranic color – indigo


It is located in the middle of the forehead, in the subtle plane.
Attributes: genius, extraordinary mental power, clairvoyance, superior intuition.
Ajna is related to the activity of the pituitary and part of the epiphysis
It is also called the “3rd eye”, it allows telepathic communication between two people
Associated etheric or pranic color – purple to white


The seventh and last subtle center of force, has as a projection area the area located 12 widths from the finger above the top of the head
Attributes: detachment, connection with eternal Truth, pure spirituality, contact with God, wisdom
Sahasrara controls the epiphysis and part of the pituitary
Associated etheric or pranic color – bright white incandescent


Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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