The secret behind the stones in perfect balance!

Michael Grab, a young American of Canadian origin, who currently lives in Boulder, Colorado, has discovered a unique pasture in its own way, becoming a master of the stones that stand in balance. He has had this passion since 2008, when he started executing these unique projects.

In the following, Michael explains how he managed this amazing performance: ” The most important element of balance in physical terms is to find a kind of “tripod” for the stones to be stable. Each stone is covered by a series of notches, smaller or larger, which can act as a tripod for that stone, so that it remains in balance, having different positions from the other stones. Being very attentive to the message that the stone transmits, I managed to notice even the smallest click, which stones make when their natural notches or slits come into contact with each other. Reaching the finest balance, these adjustments can be felt on a scale smaller than a millimeter. Some equilibrium points can give the illusion of a lack of weight, the stones seeming to barely touch. Parallel to the physical element, that of finding a tripod for stability, there is the non-physical element and more importantly, which is also the hardest to explain with words. More specifically, it is meditation, or the ability to find the zero point (of silence) that is found within ourselves. Some of the works I created required significant mental pressure and a lot of patience. The biggest challenge is to overcome any doubt that engulfs you, until you complete what you have planned!

Here are some of Michael Grab’s fascinating works in perfect balance that seem to defy the laws of gravity!









Michael also says, “It’s a really fun way to relax, relieve stress, be creative in a playful way… to learn… All this is a way to improve personal skills, and discover the many possibilities to put stones in balance.”

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