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EmotosoulEven though all types of water have the same chemical formula, their molecular structure differs considerably, as clearly demonstrated in these photos.

We understand from this that water has a very important message for us. It is like a mirror, which reflects exactly our inner state. When we reflect our face in it, its message becomes amazingly clear, like a crystal. We know that human life is directly correlated with water quality, both in our bodies and around us.

In his paper, Dr. Masaru Emoto presents concrete arguments that demonstrate that human bioenergy, the energy of thoughts, the energy conveyed by words, ideas-force and music, all these influence the molecular structure of water, the same water that makes up 70% of the body of a mature man and covers in the same percentage our planet. Water is the essential source of life on the planet, its quality and integrity are of vital importance for all sources of life.

Dr. Emoto discovered many fascinating differences in the crystalline structures of water from various sources under certain conditions. For example, mountain and spring water revealed beautiful geometric patterns in its crystalline structure. Instead, toxic and polluted water from overpopulated industrial areas or stagnant water from water wells or reservoirs crystallized into distorted, random and disharmonious forms.

He also discovered that the water of a polluted lake quickly changed its vibratory level and crystallization structure after being blessed by a Buddhist priest.

Water influences our lives and we influence it.

Recently an article appeared in Russian about spiritual aspects related to water.


Indeed, prayers cure diseases, scientists say.

People can indeed be healed in churches when they touch holy relics or shrines. Petersburg scientists proved it, and they also discovered the “material” mechanism of this divine phenomenon.

“A prayer is a powerful remedy,” says Valery Slezin, head of the Laboratory of Neuropsychophysiology at the Bekhterev Institute of Psychoneurological Research and Development in Petersburg. “Prayer not only regulates all processes in the human body, but it also repairs the severely damaged structure of consciousness.”

Professor Slezin did something unbelievable – he measured the power of prayer. He recorded electroencephalograms of monks as they prayed and captured an unusual phenomenon – the complete “extinction” of the cerebral cortex. This condition can be observed only in three-month-old babies, when they are next to their mothers, in absolute safety.

As the person grows, this feeling of security disappears, brain activity increases, and this rhythm of brain biocurrents becomes rare, only during deep sleep or prayer, as the scientist proved. Valeri Slezin called this unknown state “easy awakening, in prayer” and proved that it is of vital importance for any person.

It is a known fact that diseases are caused mostly by negative situations and affronts that stick in our minds. During prayer, however, worries take a back seat or even disappear altogether. Thus, both psychic and moral healing as well as physical healing becomes possible.

Church services also help improve health. Engineer and electrophysicist Angelina Malakovskaya of the Laboratory of Medical and Biological Technology conducted more than a thousand studies to find out the health characteristics of some parishioners before and after the service. It turned out that church service normalizes blood pressure and blood test values.

It turns out that prayers can neutralize even radiation. It is known that after the explosion in Chernobyl, radiation measuring instruments showed values that exceeded the measuring capacity of the instrument. Near the Church of the Archangel Michael, however, four km from the reactors, the radiation value was normal. Petersburg scientists confirmed with the help of conducted experiments that holy water, the sign of the Cross and the tolling of bells can also have healing properties. That is why in Russia bells always ring in the course of epidemics.

The ultrasound emitted by tolling bells kills influenza, hepatitis and typhus viruses. The proteins of the viruses curl up and no longer carry the infection, he said. Malakovskaya. The sign of the cross has an even more significant effect: it kills pathogenic microbes (colon bacillus and staphylococci) not only in tap water, but also in rivers and lakes. It is even more effective than modern magnetic radiation disinfection appliances.

The scientific laboratory of the Institute of Industrial and Naval Medicine analyzed the water before and after consecration. It turned out that if one reads the Lord’s Prayer and makes the sign of the Cross on water, then the concentration of harmful bacteria will be a hundred times lower. Electromagnetic radiation gives much inferior results. Thus, Orthodox recommendations to bless any food or drink have not only a spiritual value, but also a preventive one.

Holy water is not only purified, but it also changes its structure, becomes harmless and can heal. This can be proven with special apparatus.

The spectrograph indicates a higher optical density of holy water, as if it understood the meaning of the prayers and preserved it. This is the cause of this unique power to heal.

The only limit is that it heals only believers.

“Water ‘distinguishes’ people’s level of belief,” says A. Malenkovskaya. When a priest sanctifies water, the optical density is 2.5 times higher, when sanctification is performed by a lay faithful person, only 1.5 times higher, but with a baptized and unbelieving man without a cross around his neck, the changes were insignificant.

Transd from Russian into English by Julia Bulighina
Trad. from English to Romanian Cristina M.

©1999-2009 “Pravda Ru”


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