From black and bitter coffee to green tea…

My name is Andreea and I want to talk about some of the transformations that have taken place (and are still taking place) in my being since I was practicing Abheda Yoga.

I decided to write because I believe that any man would benefit from results if he came and practiced this form of yoga – so I do my part to inform how it was with me.

I started coming here in the fall of 2014, when I was in a pretty bad depressive state.
At that time I had been practicing Pilates for 3 years and I liked it very much.
I was always attracted to sports, especially because for me, losing weight was the main concern at the time.
It had become an obsession (this dissatisfaction being also one of the causes of my depression).
The big problem was that I couldn’t keep the weight I was getting after heavy weight loss diets and intense practice of pilates exercises… and I played with my body, losing weight and gaining weight, about 3 and a half years (it took me about half a year of practice at Abheda to understand it … and to understand me, how much).

I mention that back then I was smoking and drinking coffee (muulta and very bitter).

In the first half year, we had some tests and trials… indeed, it is not easy to stay in the course because the change is not easy (although it seems only a gesture of willpower).

I only came once a week, on Sundays… And I left home determined to go to the yoga room, and when I arrived at Unirii Square, I stopped without understanding why and I spent about 2 minutes with my eyes fixed in the void, thinking about whether to take it to the right and go where it was supposed to, or if to make the left and go to relax in The Union Park … and thank God, almost every time I chose the right option → the yoga room.

What did I get by practicing?…
– I began to realize that I am not only my physical body or my thoughts… and that it’s something deeper “in the game”. And so I quit pilates and weight loss cures…
What happened as a result of this? Paradoxically, I began to have a harmonious body! I dropped only 1-2 kg in weight, but I went from size 42-44 (L-XL) to clothes, to size 38 (M).

I got rid of depression… graduated, but now, after 2 years of practice, I consider myself a happy man… my general condition is a good and quiet one.

– I quit smoking and drinking that liquid pitch, which I called coffee … now I have become a friend of green tea.. especially the one with mint <3

– I manage to approach the problems in a wiser way and the discussions or quarrels (if any) in a more diplomatic way… As we are still in terms of quarrels, I do not really have such a thing (seriously!).

I love it! and that seems to me a very important point.
When I say love I mean any type of love… and very often I have a state where I feel that I love but I do not have an object or a person that I love but … I feel that I just love it.

– I’m muuult more sociable… before, as if I was annoyed people (in general)… now I work with them and I have made many good friends → especially – colleagues from Abheda Yoga (but not only).

– I am no longer so critical: towards me and others… I accept more easily the things that I dislike and I can understand the other’s opinion.

– I understood better the concept of “God” (or at least I think so).

– And there’s something else – there’s been a phenomenon that in words doesn’t mean much if you don’t know exactly what it actually is. a power awakened in me that I didn’t know existed – the Kundalini energy, as it is called in yoga and that’s something wonderful, but I wouldn’t be able to describe it here and now… it’s wonderfully good and it helps my life a lot.

And last but not least, I come to Abheda Yoga feeling as if my soul is coming home.

I realized that all this happened (and in a relatively short time) because Abheda is a complex yoga school… it is practically like a holistic therapy: it does not treat the effect of the hectic modern life (that is, it not only helps you relax), but the cause (that is, it helps you harmonize your being on all levels).


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