Good is infinitely more powerful than evil

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Good is infinitely more powerful than evil, which is only more tempting

Question from readers

"I go to work and I feel like this world is not mine...
People are interested, as if, only in winning, friendship is only up to interests, and the
advances of the men around me seem focused on a very pragmatic need to "taste the woman" and that's it.

In addition, all the pitiful public life, the administration, the politicians, the television - make me feel in a world that I should not be a part of, because ... that's not how my world is.

I am a normal woman, I say, but I feel abnormally different from this reality. What is your opinion and what could be the solution?"

Normal does not mean natural but usual.

That is, in a certain age, in a certain space, certain aspects were or are considered "normal".
That is, usual, according to the curve of the "Gauss bell".

Which means, at some point, ordinary and gregarious.

This "normal" is not a value in itself (if you had lived in Sodom, "normal" would have been homosexual relationships – for example).

An awake man is not to pursue the normal but the authentic, which is truly valuable and whose value is eternal, independent from the age and space of his life.

The spiritualization of life is the true way to access authentic values.

In addition, you can be more careful around you because

there are many men who love, many people who are good and politicians who are cleaner and how much more, well-intentioned.

Know that they, too, have the impression that they are alone and alienated in a perverse world.
The reality is quite different.

The number and value of good and superior people is much greater than that of the inferior, but the "noise" that the bad ones make is much greater. And this is not accidental, but premeditated.

Cultivate spirituality, good, beauty, love, fairness, purity, refinement, seriousness
in your life and look for people with similar aspirations.

You'll see that there is.

Look for those who are like you, but still inert and blasé and "wake them up - only if possible and if they want to!"

Action is superior to inaction, and a wise man is more valuable than a million fools.

Transform your life so that it itself, every day, will help and regenerate you, and not hope for an illusory holiday, in an illusory world that repairs the mistakes of your own way of living.

Seek to determine your own spiritual purpose and immediately proceed to its realization.

Abheda Yoga - that's why the Way of the Heart exists - to cultivate the good and to make it evident in us and outside ourselves in this seemingly confused world.

That's really what we do on the path of the Heart - we develop training methods and skills to help us feel that our world is exactly what we need to be happy.

There are thus training methods, inner attitudes to cultivate, books to read and movies to see, superior understandings of love and life.

But there's also a need for people to understand and go through all of this.

Because an ounce of practice does as much as tons of theory.


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