How do we love ourselves?

How do we love ourselves?


“I have a question: if God is in us, shouldn’t we also love ourselves?

Why do you think it’s not ok to believe that, which is to love ourselves?

We love ourselves, that there is God in us and if you love yourself then you love God just as much.
In my opinion, I think we must first love ourselves. Our soul is the Altar of God. He created us.
Within us there is the Godhead, so we must love ourselves so that we can love others the same. “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Self-love, of course, should not be selfish or narcissistic… but you know what I mean.
When I say to love yourself, I mean giving up self-criticism, blaming yourself, criticizing yourself for not making the best decisions, sabotaging yourself, etc.

Until I came to yoga, I didn’t love myself at all either, I neglected myself, I put others first, and I was in last place.
I was always criticizing myself, I was blaming myself for not doing the right thing, for not making the best decisions, I was sabotaging myself.
it’s when I come to yoga I start to love myself more, to care about myself.

I made tapas and for that, so that I can love others a lot as well as I love myself. I have revealed God in my heart.

And you have contributed a lot to my change and I am grateful to you!

I became brighter, more creative, the world around me seems to look at me differently, the job I have transformed.
In my case, it’s all been true since I love myself more, even the relationship I have.
He’s changed a lot, he looks at me differently, he gives me the value I really have, but unfortunately it’s a little late for him.

That’s why I ask you, if we love God with all our soul, we don’t have to love ourselves first to get to God and love him???”



“Dear soul … to you it’s ok, it’s just a thing of words.
But in general, in my opinion, it’s not like that.

People don’t love themselves but they have a lot of them.
I mean it’s a misused word that leads to confusion in most people. To love has in it something dualistic –
The mystery of polarity is not only between man and woman, but also the mystery of the polarity between the part and the rest in which you find yourself.

The word is improperly used when we say that we love ourselves

because he has no one to love – we are the same being.

Love is something uplifting, miraculous, something that surpasses you and makes you remember all your life the moment when the wing of love has touched your soul.
So-called self-love

is not like that, and in a way, it’s like an offense to this term that designates something so special.

• Yes, it’s true , we, the Abheda yogis say that we will love ourselves and that we will thus take care of everything that enters our mind and soul body.
But this is not really love but wise care for ourselves.
I mean, it’s a metaphor, it’s not about true love.

Because we prefer to call love what is not or is not yet love. We are optimistic.

• On the other hand, the idea of self-love agreed perfectly to luciferian education because it is not about the essential self but about the fleeting personality.
And people adopted it immediately, on the one hand because they don’t know very well what love is.
On the other hand, it seems increasingly right to ordinary people to “love yourself first”;
most without knowing or recognizing the danger of Luciferianism.

So self-love has become a repeated and repeated leitmotif and people do not even suspect what dangers it hides:

selfishness • pointless accumulation • immorality • arrogance • materialism • spiritual asleep.

On the one hand it is a glorification of refined (or, perhaps sometimes gross, human selfishness).
On the other hand it is a “descent” into the finite of what the word love represents.
We can say that we take care of ourselves, we really have to be responsible, but we cannot say that we are in love with ourselves (maybe narcissists).

More than that, it is precisely us that we have to give up.
Any self-sacrifice is not only to help someone but it is also to free ourselves from the attachment of “caring for us”;

of attachment to our bodies.

Jesus said that the second essential commandment of the two sufficient is “to love your neighbor as yourself.”

But this use of the word love is not really about love, in my opinion, but about care, compassion, self-sacrifice.
Love, by the way, is not even in our power, it is a blessed gift.
Love usually has its rules and comes or goes without being able to force it in any way.
Only spiritually elevated people can love at will and even there is something special there, not as we imagine at first glance.

In fact, this difference made necessary the emergence of the notion of Ishwara, god with attributes, in order to be able to love him as something different from us.
But we want it to be ours.

Ah, the Self… yes!
The self is overwhelming and wonderful, but you can’t fall in love with the Self because he is yourself!
He has no one to love whom because he is the same being.”

Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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