What do we do when it’s a hot day?

What do we do when it’s a hot day?

1. Yes, sure, we drink a lot of water, taking care…

to absorb from the level of the tongue as much prana as possible from it by walking the tongue inside the mouth when we drink. We aim not to drink if we are not thirsty, but we test this: it is possible that when we have taken the bottle to our mouth we will discover that we want the water and drink significantly.

If we sweat a lot it is good to put salt in water – 4-5 grams per liter.
It doesn’t even feel, aporape, like being salty, but it matters and the water is tastier and makes us good.

2. We practice

Uddhyana Bandha and Nauli Kriya,
Vira Olimudra,
Utitha chatyranga Dandasana,
Mayurasana and
Shitali or Sita Kari pranayama.

And it’s better. And the heat affects us a lot less – a super cool thing!

3. We wear a hat,

Cap or some way of protecting the head area – very important but very simple.

4. We hold around the neck a damp scarf

or put behind the cap a wet handkerchief (like the Japanese soldiers in World War II). They will create a real air conditioning in the wearer and we just have to maintain the moisture of the fabric.

5. If we do not have air conditioning in the room…

we can mount on a wall an unfolded sheet that we sprinkle from time to time with the water from a plastic bottle to which we have garnished the stopper with a knife.

It’s going to be good but it’s necessary for it to be successful with that to keep the window open for ventilation. Otherwise, the humidity in the room will increase and we will be worse, not better.

6. We ignore heat, we put its perception to the edge of consciousness.

We choose from life what we want or what we like and ignore this possible impediment.

With time we will find that the spirit can do this better and better and this realization can be transferred to anything else we want to ignore.


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