I asked the Master to teach me to make money

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I asked the Master to teach me to make money

At one point, a young man who wanted to be happy went to a Yogi Master and said to him:

“My dear Master, if you accept me as a student, I will follow all your guidance because I very much want to get the aspects that my heart longs for.”

“What about what your heart longs for?”

“I wish I was rich and after that, I think I will be happy. Can this be achieved through yoga? “

The Master answered him:
Surely, this can be achieved through yoga. What’s more, especially through yoga you can achieve this.
And our boy remained with the Master, doing yoga regularly and frantically practicing all the indications that he offered to Him.
The peace of his heart grew and at first slower, then faster and faster, a mysterious but at the same time wonderful fulfillment filled his being.
At one point the Master said to him:

That’s it, it’s time to practice the training methods by which the wealth in your life will appear in a short time. Let’s get started!”

And the young man said to him:

Master, I don’t really feel the need to be rich anymore.

I believed that if I was rich, I would be happy.
But by what I’ve done now, I’ve found that in my preparation to be rich, doing these exercises, I no longer feel the need to be rich, because I wanted to be happy and I’m already happy.”

Then the Master asked him:

So, do you still want me to teach you the exercises that will shortly bring wealth into your life, or not?

The student replies: “Master, if these exercises will alleviate my happiness that I already feel, I do not want to. If they’re going to amplify it, I want to.

And then said the Master:

Look, you see, you can also notice that I did well that I did not rush to teach you these exercises from the very beginning because, here it is:

after some time you realized for yourself that happiness does not come from money. Happiness comes from within us.

But know that as you are now, if you know how to proceed, you can become rich without this gorgeous inner fulfillment fading in any way, and even growing.
And then, you will be able to use this wealth to be able to help others.
In this way you will have a rich, beautiful, shiny dharma.
You will find, at the end of this short vacation on Earth, that not only you have become happy.
But also many other people that you have helped to become happy.
organizing with the help of this money various methods of mass dissemination of wisdom, health, happiness, benevolence, spirit of sacrifice, spiritual virtues.
So if that attracts you, I suggest you start right away.
For in this way you will return to the world the Grace which you yourself received in the beginning, when you came to me.

Leo Radutz, founder of the Abheda system, initiator of the Good OM Revolution

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