INITIUM - a toxic pesticide experienced by the EU in Romania

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INITIUM is a toxic product

The provisional name of the product INITIUM is ametoctradin. This is a fungicide of the pyrimidylamine class Triazolopyrimidine extraordinarily powerful, whose chemical structure you can consult. The product is toxic to the human body, is carcinogenic, reproductive and develops toxicity, neurotoxicity, and acute toxicity.
The fact that no concrete data has been made public about the effects of this substance on the human body, as would have been normal to exist in any research and evaluation report, is very worrying. But in this way no one can be held responsible for the serious effects that could later occur in humans following the consumption of foods that have been injected with INITIUM.

As many countries as there are on the planet, only Romania is in a hurry to use a new substance, very toxic, for the crops of potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, as well as for the vineyards. This substance, called INITIUM, increases up to 65% the risk of colon cancer. BASF, a German chemical consortium, has revealed that Romania is the first country in the world to authorize its Initium product. The company claims that "the fungicidal product will help winegrowers move to high-quality production faster." If high quality means poisoning the population, then the statement is true...
The company's spokesperson also said that in addition to the Initium grape product, which will be available in Romania from 2010, under the name of Enervin, authorisation has also been granted for Zampro, an Initium fungicide-based product for potato, tomato, cucumber and onion crops. That's exactly the basic vegetables in the diet... The company claims that "both products have been extensively tested in the field and have demonstrated high selectivity and efficacy against some pests". Hopefully it doesn't refer to something "human pests" that the New World Order believes is overpopulating the planet!
Roland Ringel, Head of The Global Initium Development Project, said with incredible cynicism: "Because of Initium's very favorable environmental profile, the products have been authorised in a record time of four years. And in fact, Initium products not only have a high degree of compatibility with the environment, but they are also very easy to use - they dissolve quickly and in water, thus saving time."

Michael Hess, head of Crop Protection for Central Europe, also said, with a cynicism specific to all managers of large transnational chemical companies: "Romanian farmers want to successfully compete on the European market. For this reason, there is a great deal of interest in the field of innovative technologies. Our highly effective and environmentally friendly crop protection products will enable winegrowers and farmers to produce high yields and healthy crops with minimum residue levels, in line with EU regulations."
Initium products will complement the portfolio alongside other compounds, such as the recently launched Cabrio Top, an anti-disease multi-fungicide for grapes. According to Enervin, it is propagandistically stated about Cabrio Top that it is expected to become "a propelling force in terms of plant protection for vines in Romania". What "propulsion" and "protection" can be about, if the grapes are simply poisoned like the apple in the Snow White story, we don't know. Shall we be propelled more quickly to the underworld? Initium products are expected to be registered in the Netherlands and the UK in the first half of 2010, and other European countries will follow.

On that website, BASF boasted on January 11, !!!!!! that for the first time in the world was authorized in a record time the fungicide Initium which in Romania will be sold under the name Enervin.

The interesting position of Senator Iulian Urban on this subject and the way he militates against the use of this toxoic substance.

It is very dubious that the evaluation report on which the conclusions of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) are based had NOT been independently analysed by other researchers – as the rules require – at the time when they drew their conclusions and gave the recommendation. This is mentioned in that report itself:
Since the evaluation report has not yet been examined by other researchers, the conclusions reached from the results obtained must be considered provisional and may be reconsidered once the supplementary reports have been completed in accordance with Directive 91/414/EEC.
Therefore, from the official data currently existing, it only appears that this substance exists and that it will be tested in Romania. For the rest, we must take the EFSA at its word that the substance is harmless to the human body. But there is no clear evidence for that.
The extremely easy and at the same time criminal way in which these recommendations have been made, for the introduction of this substance into the food circuit without the existence of prior rigorous studies and evaluations, is as "scientific" as the vaccination of people with an untested vaccine. You can still refuse a vaccine... still. But how do you avoid such criminal experiments, given that the law on the use of
this substance does not require consumers to be warned...

Bleak outlook
- in 30 years three billion people could die: one from the lack of food, another two from diseases caused by toxic substances introduced into the diet
- Directives: the elimination of natural supplements, minerals and vitamins,
- the animals will be treated with hormones and irradiated, and the plants will be genetically modified
- who will use natural products will make prison
- garlic, mint and other such common plants shall be considered drugs,
- natural medicine and alternative medicine will be phased out.

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