Since the early Christian period, mankind has noticed the existence of a phenomenon that it has rightly attributed to holiness.
Human beings who dedicated their entire existence to God and led a frugal life, fasting, praying and eating only vegetables, enough to maintain their body in a normal state of health, managed to reach a state of spiritual and spiritual purity so high that it reflects on the body. After their passing, the bodies of these people did not decompose, but even emitted pleasant odors and had healing power. Surely some of the readers have come at least once near the relics of a saint, or have read certain religious texts in which there were accounts of such phenomena. I can mention here the remarkable qualities of the relics of the venerable Father Demetrios the New, to whom thousands of believers come annually to pray.
Surely another phenomenon is that which prevents the decomposition of bodies, noted by gravediggers, in large cemeteries in France. It was found, when exhuming people who died years ago, that the dead bodies were preserved in exceptional conditions, as if they had been preserved. By analyzing the skin and tissues taken from the cadavers and conducting small investigations in the families of the deceased, it was found that during their lives, the persons concerned frequently used body beauty products (obviously, we are talking about women), these synthesis products having the role of slowing down the aging process that is reflected especially in the skin. Collagen, naturally present in ligaments and skin, in the form of a structure with the appearance of a network, loses its elasticity over time. The role of beauty products in which it is embedded is to maintain the firmness and elasticity of tissues and especially of the epidermis.
Similar discoveries have been made in Romania, but here, the “preservation” of corpses is caused by preservatives and E-numbers embedded in the food consumed daily.
A variable amount of preservatives contained in food consumed daily cannot be eliminated so they end up being stored in cells and adipose tissue, tissue that has the preferred function of accumulating certain types of chemical compounds. Following studies conducted during the 80s by two German researchers, it was found that in the corpses kept intact, there was a high concentration of preservatives that destroyed decomposing bacteria. From the accounts of gravediggers in Romania we learn that in the last twenty years the number of undecomposed corpses has increased, the frequency with which they are discovered being high – a corpse within two weeks, this due to the preservatives present in almost all the foods we eat daily.
There is a Romanian proverb full of wisdom that says: “Man digs his hole with his own teeth”.

by : Iulia Istrate

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