It was possible to photograph the soul while leaving the body at the moment of death!

Today more than ever, it is necessary to reconsider our beliefs about life and what happens after we leave this body and this familiar world, called Earth. In all oriental spiritual traditions, the reancarnation and the transformation of souls is unanimously accepted, and it is a common thing, but so far the actual existence of the soul could not be proved. With the development of technology, it seems that science can prove this as well.

Russian researcher Konstantin Korotkov, managed to take an impressive photo. With the help of a special camera, the scientist photographed the human body at the very moment of death, during which the soul leaves the body. Thus, the idea that the soul passes into another world when death occurs is now also scientifically proven.

photographing-the-soulThe image was made with the help of a special camera, after the gas evacuation model, an advanced photographic technique, which shows in blue how the life force, that is, the soul, or the pranic shell, gradually leaves the body.

According to research, the navel area and the head are the first areas of the body where the vital signal ceases. Also Korotkov discovered that in the case of people who suffer a violent death, the soul behaves quite strangely. Although it is pushed out of the body, the soul has a tendency to return only a few days after the terrible incident. This could be the cause of an unused surplus of energy that exists in that body and a possible explanation for cases of clinical death.

This technique that measures the radiation of the body in real time is amplified by the electromagnetic field and is a more advanced version of measuring and photographing the aura.

Korotkov is the director of the Physical Culture Research Institute in St. Petersburg and the Russian Ministry of Health approved him to conduct extensive research on 300 patients, who were in terminal stages.

In this way, the imaging technique was applied and the bodies of the dying were photographed until the last moment of life, and the color changes indicated that regardless of the situation, when life goes out in the human body, the soul leaves the body to a very little known world that is likely to be the astral world. The evolution of science has reached the point where it intersects in one way or another with religion or even with other mystical sciences.

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