Sun Salutation - benefits for body and soul

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Sun Salutation - "Surya Namaskar" (Sanskrit) is one of the most famous exercises in hatha yoga, ideal for starting yogic practice.

Indications, effects and benefits of this process

This is a complex, moving yogic technique, but also accessible to beginners in yoga.

The Sun Salutation is a succession of 12 asanas (postures), meant to dynamize both the physical body and the energetic structure of the being.
Practiced daily, the Sun Salutation amplifies the inner balance and a state of peace that we can then keep throughout the day (if we practice in the morning).
It energizes the solar plexus and the dull organs, eliminating states of inertia or laziness and tones (almost) the entire muscular system of the body, helping to harmonize it.

Execution technique

The Sun Salutation actually contains a suite of 6 movements, which are then resumed in reverse (approximately identical).

The movement synchronizes with the breath as follows:
-when we flex the body, we exhale
-when we are in extension, we inspire
-when we have the right torso, we hold our breath

The execution begins from the Ascension Posture and ends likewise, because the interiorization is very important, then maintained during the exercise.

Centered in the heart, we inhale, then exhale and realize the Ascension Posture.
We remain on the respiratory vacuum.
When we feel the need we inhale by raising our arms, we arch on our backs.
We lean forward exhaling, forehead to knees, palms on the ground.
The left (right) in the back, the right knee (left) overcomes the arms, inspiring.
One line, we hold our breath.
Knees, chest to ground, ass raised, exhaling.
The cobra, we relax to the front, we arch on our backs inspiring.
We reverse, we realize the V, exhaling.
The right (left) in front, we return to where we started, the knee exceeds the arm, inspiring.
We also come with the other leg, the forehead towards the knees, the palms on the ground, exhaling.
We stand up inspiring, majestically greeting the Sun starting from below, we arch on our backs.
We return to the Posture of enlightenment, exhaling.

Concentration and awareness during execution

According to the course initiation

Concentration and awareness immediately after execution

According to the course initiation

Possible mistakes and remedies

A common mistake is overcoming the boundaries of our body. It is important to pay attention to sensations, both physical and subtle, and to realize the technique as it is harmonious for us, in the present, tending towards the ideal.


In case of diseases of the back or knees, we recommend carrying out this precious exercise with increased caution.

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